Why AdvoCare?

Advocare is an MLM company in the wellness/nutritional supplements industry.

US government health data (cdc.gov) as of 2010, indicates that more than one in three adults in the United States is considered ‘obese’. (the exact number at the time of the 2010 study was 35.7%; source here)  Childhood obesity rates are also soaring in the US.

Food additives, environmental toxins and poor food choices/eating habits…many things factor into ‘why’ this is happening.  When choosing a business opportunity, it is a good idea to be sure you are choosing something that the market desperately needs or wants.

One in three people in the US are potential customers/clients for scientifically-sound weight loss plans and supplements.  Effective weight loss programs will always be in demand!

Advocare is most well-known for cutting-edge weight loss and weight maintentance health supplements, designed around the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. The challenge combines a detox program, targeted nutritional supplements for energy/appetite control/fat burning and a step-by-step weight loss program to follow.

Advocare was founded in 1993 by entrepreneur Charlie Ragus, and based upon  ten core principles:

  • Honor God through our faith, family and friends.
  • Respect and strengthen the family.
  • Believe in the dignity and the importance of the individual.
  • Create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the direct sales industry.
  • Believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life and company…

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The Advocare Business Opportunity

“The major areas of concern among today’s consumers are nutritional and financial well being. The AdvoCare products and business opportunity are poised to meet the growing numbers of Americans who are searching for answers to meet their healthcare and budgetary needs.

Over the past 16 years, millions of product users have experienced amazing results with weight loss, renewed energy and a new level of physical and financial fitness by using the AdvoCare products. Our energy drinks and nutritional supplements have helped people achieve a more healthy and active lifestyle.

There are many…” continue here:

What is Advocare?

About Advocare

“Distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine formulate nutritional solutions that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients. The phenomenal results of AdvoCare products experienced by thousands of people present an exciting business opportunity.

Individuals from all walks of life are realizing the unlimited income potential and creating a more balanced life when they share our world-class products and opportunity with others. Another bonus is our DebtBuster® system that provides a simple method for targeting your creditors and becoming debt-free – a system so effective it received the Education for Life award from the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 2002. In June 2008, AdvoCare received the prestigious…” continue reading here:

For more information:  www.advocare.com