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What is Attraction Marketing and How do I use it for Network Marketing?

If you are dedicated to building your business with online network marketing systems, you must understand the principle of Attraction Marketing.

The most influential mentors for me on this subject are Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and Jonathan Budd. If you have previously thought of yourself as a ‘sales person’ for your company and it’s products, these advanced marketers will soon change your perspective.

Attraction Marketing is as it sounds…it means that you attract people with your marketing efforts. This is in sharp contrast to what networkers are typically trained to do, which is to pursue people and push our product on them without being first invited to do so.

I had a incident today at my home that illustrates how NOT to attract a lifelong customer.
A year ago, we had just started building our new home. We contacted a local pest company service to do pre-construction installation of a termite repellant fabric, called Termimesh. One year later, to the day, I find a young man on my property, performing a termite inspection. Then he hands me a bill for $189. I did not order the inspection, had no idea of the inspection and quickly got on the telephone. After going through about five different customer representatives, they agreed to ‘disregard’ the bill. Apparently, this is some new tactic for getting business. Well, they can rest assured that it backfired with me.

This company has now REPELLED me, by chasing down my business. I didn’t ask for the inspection. I didn’t ask to be pitched on a year of pest control services (which would, by the way, include a contract to sign). I’m not that different from anyone else. I don’t appreciate being forced into something, or being ‘sold’ when I didn’t initiate the transaction. So, if and when I do need a pest company, you can bet I will call a different one.

The primary Attraction Marketing strategy is to know your target audience and make sure that they want to know more about your network marketing company or product.

How do you do this? It’s actually more complex than this, but for the sake of simplicity, just know that you are targeting other network marketers. You do this mainly on the internet, with articles, lead capture pages, informational web sites and such. Offline things like newspaper advertising and automobile signs can also be effective.

In other words, you are going to attract these types of people:

  • Those who already know about network marketing (new or experienced)
  • Those who already LIKE the network marketing/residual income model
  • Those who understand that it will require some capital expenditure
  • This is just scratching the surface on the topic of Attraction Marketing for network marketers…for more in depth information, I highly recommend the following educational materials.

    Jonathan Budd, Online MLM Secrets.com

    Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring Online

    Mike Dillard, MLM Traffic Formula

    Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer

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