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Wealthmasters International

Wealthmasters International is a direct sales company based in Sugarland, TX. The company’s motto is Lifestyle by Design, and features financial education, wealth conferences and access to alliance partner companies for tax planning, estate planning, credit improvement, credit repair and personal development.

The commission structure is outlined in my previous posting about Carbon Copy Pro, an optional marketing system for this direct sales product. To quickly review, consultant commissions range from $1,000 up to $8,000 per sale.

The flagship stand-alone product, the Wealth Acceleration Program, is also another income stream for the WMI consultant. Clients who enter into the Wealth Acceleration program will typically get out of debt, mortgages included, in half the usual time. The best part is that this occurs without extra monthly expenditures. Consultants who refer retail customers into this product receive commissions from the financial consulting company.

The M-1 program is the entry level educational product. Included is access to private alliance partners, with expertise in the areas of tax planning, credit repair, rapid debt elimination, financial planning, retirement planning, personal development and wellness.

The M-2 Wealth Conference is held two times each year and is a hands-on opportunity to learn financial investment strategies.

The M-3 Lifestyle Experience is billed as a luxurious, transformational retreat. Attendees will receive teaching and training from top personal development experts and natural wellness experts, from the comfort of a five-star resort property.

Excellent compensation plan, with solid residuals built in. Solid financial alliance partners. Three product levels that have appeal to different income levels and types of people. Millions of people are potential customers for the Wealth Acceleration Program. Though some might consider the cost of entry high, it is actually extremely low cost when compared to many small franchises. If a consultant is positioned at M-2 or M-3, it is highly possible to create a six figure income inside of one year. Enhanced back office system includes approved lead vendors and advertising resources, so that the new consultant can begin marketing immediately.

Some may consider the entry price too expensive in the home business arena. Price point for entry, to be immediately qualified for M-1 commissions is $1,999. To enter at M-2, it’s $8,995. M-3 is $12,995. This product will not sell itself: one must also have ample funds or credit lines for the needed advertising budgets.

If you want to learn more about Carbon Copy Pro and Wealthmasters, please visit this page and opt in for further information.

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