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Vi-Tel Business Opportunity

Vi-Tel is a brand new home based business opportunity, headed up by CEO Scott Rogers. Scott personally sent this information to me today and I’m excited to pass it along…

“Why Vi-Tel?” Low entry fee of $49 and no quotas, no inventory, no minimums, and no sales requirements.  You make a sale you get paid, your team makes a sale you get paid, that simple.

Replicated website to market your business selling T—Mobile, Verizon, att, Sprint, Dish Network, Security, and Clear 4G.  Customers can buy from reps website without being a member or sales rep.

I. What’s really “Unique”?
Vi-Tel offers you the ability to advertise online using customer recognized, name brand products,
leaders in the wireless market. Names you and your customers would recognize like ATT,Verizon,T-Mobile,Sprint and DISH Network
with reputable Customer Support and Satisfaction credibility behind them at prices that are competitive with even
dealer retail establishments. Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible.

Vi-Tel was built to enable you the ability to market AND take customer orders through your
own personal Vi-tel Wireless replicated website, so your website can do the selling, leaving your customers
free to shop on their own, when they want, anywhere,anytime.

Vitel offers a unique compensation plan that not only rewards the sales team builder, but also the
individual who just wants to be rewarded on their own sales efforts. This includes the
unique ability to be promoted to the very top of our compensation scale totally on your own
sales efforts with NO RECRUITING REQUIRED! How many sales opportunities or jobs for that matter can you say that was possible?

We’ve also eliminated the breakaway that occurs in some opportunities, when your sales team members surpass your personal
sales achievements, because at Vi-Tel we never forget that without you it wouldn’t have been possible!

II. What do we have to offer them?
Your minimal cost to become and maintain authorized standing as a Vi-Tel Wireless Independent Sales Representative provides you with;
full commission accounting services, your personal replicated website, online training resources, sales support helpdesk, and an ever expanding array of marketing tools including compliant
ad copy and business cards all designed to help you build your customer base and expand your sales force.

III. What’s in it for them?
Vi-Tel recognizes that money is hard to come by in these challenging economic times, so we offer a very low cost of entry which can
be immediately recovered through our Fast Start Bonus program.
We offer the ability to earn override bonuses immediately to put more cash in your pocket faster.
We offer unlimited income potential for the sales achiever and the sales team builder.
We offer matching bonuses,generational pay,and even Company-Wide Profit Sharing so you can be rewarded on not only your own team’s success,but also on the success of sales Company-wide!
Take a closer look at our compensation plan we published on our website. We have nothing to hide. We want you
to have the information you need to make an informed decision.

IV. Closing Message
Vi-Tel Wireless is led by the passion for our core principles and values. Values which embrace the Direct Selling Association’s
“Code of Ethics” which we included in our website and every Vi-Tel Wireless Sales Representative’s website.
What this means to you is that you can expect Integrity,Honesty,Fairness,Credibility and most of all Trust.

We realize you may have heard these same promises from many other companies. We know that “Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!”
may still only be nice words on a website to you today and that only through our actions will we “earn” your trust. Be sure to get
back with the person who shared Vi-Tel Wireless with you and tell them you’re ready to become part of the Vi-Tel Wireless family today.
Give us the opportunity to earn your trust!

If you want to find out more about Vi-Tel, you can call them directly:


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