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USAloe – Review

Usaloe Business Opportunity

USAloe is the latest entry in the juice wars. Based in Carlsbad California and founded by the guy who sold what became Windows Media Player to Microsoft in the 1990’s. He started the company with a substantial investment in infrastructure (buying the factory, farm and a 37 year old research company) and a focus on making premium products the company is positioned to become a major player.

The Products

You might have guessed from the company’s name the products are based on the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe is the only super food with a documented track record dating back to ancient Egypt.

To ensure the best and freshest Aloe the company acquired a 72-acre organic aloe farm in Indio California. Aloe is picked at the farm and three hours later it is being hand filleted in the factory. You cannot get fresher aloe with out growing it your self.

USAloe makes four liquid nutritional products. Each start with Aloe juice to deliver a combination of ingredients that address specific needs in a healthy and natural way.

AloeBoost is a replacement for sugar loaded energy drinks. AloeBoost if formulated with real ingredients: Green Tea, Pomegranate, Acai, Plum & Pear to provide all day energy with no crash or sugar added.

There are two ways to lose weight, move more or eat less. AloeControl helps users lose weight by reducing or eliminating their appetite for about 7 hours. AloeControl contains Hoodia, Green Tea, Red Beet and Carrot.

Sleep is essential to peak performance. Unfortunately very few people get enough of it. That is why USAloe makes AloeRest an all-natural solution for a good night sleep. A blend of L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root, Magnolia Bark and Melatonin help you fall into a restful sleep in about 20 minutes.

USAloe’s Flagship product is AloeAdvanced. The short version is it a super high anti-oxidant supplement that has everything except the kitchen sink. It has Goji, Noni, Acai, ECE (Ecklonia Cava) Kelp Extract, G. Sylvertre Herb, White Grape, Pomegranate, Concord Grape and Black Cherry. ECE Kelp extract is the truly standout ingredient. The longer anti-oxidant chain structure of ECE is 10-100 times more effective that what is found in land-based anti-oxidants. Coming from the sea it is also 40% fat-soluble and remains active in your system for up to 12 hours. Compare that to the 30 minutes it takes for water soluble land based anti-oxidant sources to be completely absorbed by the body. The net result is a product with ingredients to support: cardiovascular functions, healthy blood sugar levels, boost mental energy, enhance circulation and maintain joint function.

All Four products are available in bricks of 8, 2oz bottles or large Quart sized bottles.

Marketing Systems

Aside from making great products USAloe understands that as a distributor you need great tools to help you build your business. The company has developed the 3G marketing system and a retail display program.

3G stands for Give, Get, Grow. The best way to build a USAloe business is to have people try the product. The system starts with you giving a 2 oz. sample bottle to your prospect and have them go online and take a survey. For taking the survey the company will send 2 more samples they just have to pay shipping & handling. Along with your prospect getting 2 more bottles the company will send you 2 more bottles with your next auto-ship. To participate in the 3G Program you simply need to select one of the 3G auto-ship packages.

With the retail display program USAloe gives distributers the opportunity to place the products in existing retail locations. This is possible because suggested retail prices are comparable to products already in the market and giving the retailer the opportunity to earn additional residual income.


Becoming an Independent Distributer requires a $39.95 distributer kit. At enrollment you can choose one of five enrollment packages that include varying amounts of product and range in price from $99 to several thousand dollars.

Minimum auto-ship to remain active is 1 Brick or Quart bottle $22.50.

Compensation Plan

A lot of companies take pride in reinventing the wheel when they design their compensation plan. USAloe has done something radically different, it looked at what was working and modeled it. There are 7 ways to earn:

1. Retail Sales
2. Enroller Bonus
3. Quick Start Bonus Start Packs
4. Binary Bonus Program
5. Check Matching Bonus
6. Executive Management Bonus Pools
7. Multiple Business Centers

Usaloe Business Opportunity:Final Thoughts

Pros: 1) The products have a kick. You know the product is doing something.
2) The company has a solid foundation. The current factory and farm are capable of scaling to almost a billion dollars in sales.
3) Being able to build a retail distributer network is great way to expand your circle of influence beyond your friends and family.

Cons: 1) All new companies run into challenges when they expand quickly. To this point there have been no noteworthy issues.
2) You are likely to be one of or the first distributer in your area.

Usaloe Business Opportunity

Author Bio
Bob Firestone is the founder of the National Home Business Academy (http://nationalhomebusinessacademy.com) and a USAloe Independent Distributer. For more information on USAloe or to order a free sample go here or call Bob at 702-714-0262.


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