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United Breaks Guitars – A Case Study in Viral Video Marketing

The Power of Viral Videos

Video marketing, used properly, can bring hot, fresh new prospects directly to your lead capture pages or blog. In fact, some online network marketers rely on little else, choosing to purposely forsake pay per click, paid leads and other types of paid lead generation.  (See my previous post about free and very low cost lead generation methods). Videos can be extremely effective, especially if you are fortunate enough to have the video ‘go viral’.

Dave Carroll Video Goes Viral…

Today I came across an independent musician, who posted a video just days ago on youtube. Since I am also a musician, as well as the owner of a cherished Larrivee acoustic guitar, I was immediately in love with the video. The amazing thing is that inside of a few days, the video has gone viral in a BIG way, generating 1.8 million views (and every time I go back to youtube, the number has increased significantly).

His song, United Breaks Guitars, is a clever re-telling of a real story. (If you ever have, or ever will travel by air, you will love this story.) And the story has already gotten attention from United Airlines, according to this write-up  in the Chicago Sun Times blog.

Well, hats off to some brilliant marketing by singer/songwriter Dave Carroll. (And from one guitar lover to another…I am so sorry about your Taylor, Dave!)

Here’s the video. Not only is it quite funny, Mr. Carroll is a gifted and talented musician. And MAN, what a lesson in brilliant marketing…


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