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Top MLM Companies List

Network marketing and home based business opportunities are plentiful on the Internet. I recently did a posting of top network marketing companies, sorted by earnings. Avon topped that list, with over ten billion in annual sales. As it turns out, Avon is the strongest in this list as well, but for a different reason.


top mlm companiesThis list of  leaders in the mlm and direct sales industry is sorted by online popularity, as determined by Alexa.com. (lower numbers mean higher ranking and authority) All of these companies have been in business for more than two years and enjoy excellent branding and product recognition. Avon ranks first in the top mlm companies, followed by Xango and Usana, which ranks 2nd and 3rd  respectively.


1.  Avon.com (Alexa ranking 2, 743)

2.  Xango.com (Alexa ranking 55, 179)

3.  Usana.com (Alexa ranking 12, 929)

4.  Shaklee.com (Alexa ranking 92, 239)

5.  Herbalife.com (Alexa ranking 30, 056)

6.  Worldventures.com (Alexa ranking 129, 422)

7.  MaryKay.com (Alexa ranking 16, 599)

8.  Amway.com  (Alexa ranking 37, 368)

9.  Primerica.com  (Alexa ranking 61, 247)

10.  PrepaidLegal.com (Alexa ranking 14,273)

11.  Agel.com (Alexa ranking 44,678)

12.  Trivita.com (Alexa ranking 39,926)

13.  Traverus.com (Alexa ranking 99,969)

14.  PamperedChef.com (Alexa ranking 43,357)

15.  Melaleuca.com (Alexa ranking 43, 357)

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  • Sherman Smith December 17, 2009, 6:50 am

    Great article. All of these companies are very reputable. The leadership are outstanding. I happen to be a part of one of them. When I first looked at the company as well as many others, I thought they were scams until a good friend of mine ask me to check one out. I did research on the company and found so many facts about it and I found a couple of celebrities that had invested in it. What i love most is that I can help people set up a Plan B just in case they have some type of misfortune such as downsizing or a foreclosure.

  • Luis February 1, 2010, 9:48 pm

    Sherman is right. They're not scams. But for everyone that is thinking about joining one of the above companies I can tell you – Create a website / blog related to the company  may choose. AND be patient. Online business takes time.

  • gmieaziz March 19, 2010, 3:57 pm

    i am also a multilevel members. My opinion is multilevel are not scams. However people have been manipulate the system or plan originally setup by the company as Quick Rich Scheme.

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