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Four Principles from ‘The Secret’: Boost Your Network Marketing Success

Do you feel that you’re expending all your energy on your network marketing or direct sales business but getting no results? Maybe that’s because you’re focusing on effort when the most important tool you have in your arsenal is mindset.

Many of you have heard of The Secret, the book turned documentary by Rhonda Byrne. It chronicles the way a simple shift in mindset has created success and wealth for some of the most notable people in history. I highly recommend it for all students of Attraction Marketing.

The philosophy of The Secret goes hand in hand with the principles of Attraction Marketing. Here are four of the main ideas discussed in The Secret that can lift your mindset and make all the difference in your home-business.

The Law of Attraction:

Everything that’s coming to you has been attracted by the images you consistently hold in your mind. Are you picturing yourself being rejected by your latest prospects? Imagining what you’ll do if you ultimately have to fold your business? This fear and discouragement is perpetuating and multiplying itself, because . . .

Thoughts Become Things:

This law is not biased based what you want or don’t want. It is concerned with quantity. What are you focusing on most of the time? If it is worry, you will encounter more of the things that cause you stress.

Take Inventory:

The Law of Attraction also isn’t sidetracked by the consciousness or unconsciousness of your thoughts. But that does not mean that you have to monitor your every thought. Just take a look at your overall feeling. Feelings are created by thoughts. Encourage the kinds of thoughts that leave you feeling empowered. A confident, winner’s attitude is imperative to attracting prospects. Make an effort to shut out the thoughts that leave you feeling uncertain or put a damper on your creativity.

Start Imagining:

Ask yourself specific questions about what you want to achieve. How many prospects do you want calling you? What rank do you want to reach in your mlm this year? Then start imagining yourself living in health, wealth, and joy and success that you desire. Have fun with it, and watch with eager anticipation to see what happens next!

The Secret is more than wishful thinking. It’s positive thinking. It’s powerful, and it’s something you need to school yourself in if you are to succeed in the Attraction Marketing business model.

Be conscious of your mindset and the effect it is having on your business, even if that means watching ‘The Secret’ once a month. Daydreaming can be a good thing. Start living the kind of life you desire, even if it’s only in your mind for the time being. Your joy and confidence will begin attracting the winners you want to have on your team.

MLM success is closer than you think. Be encouraged. It’s quite possibly right between your ears…

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