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Sponsor Daddy – Generate Your Own Fresh Network Marketing Leads

Sponsor Daddy Marketing System Review

Sponsor Daddy is a tool built specifically for Network Marketers. It is designed to help Network Marketers showcase their primary businesses and then find, filter, keep track of and train all of their prospects.

Network Marketers spend 99% of their time talking to prospects. Sponsor Daddy relieves the Network Marketer of the burden of talking to prospects that really aren’t interested, but are unwilling to convey that to their potential sponsor.

Research tells us that more than 200 million people will have a home-based business in the next few years. If you join Sponsor Daddy here is what you will receive:

  1. Direct Sales Orientation and Training.
  2. Lead Generation and prospect and down line management.
  3. Technologies, tools, proven techniques
  4. Movie delivery system with live video actors that explains the benefits of a home based business and flash movies explaining the home based business concept.
  5. Automated prospecting and follow up to drive traffic to up to 3 of their primary opportunities.
  6. Video email
  7. Wholesale Leads automatically loaded into your system.
  8. Blogs
  9. Forums
  10. Three traceable lead capture pages come with all accounts.
  11. The .com capture page is customizable for your business and can be duplicated by your down line.
  12. Complete back office control and management system.
  13. The .com site is the entrance into your primary business pages.
  14. The .net site is the entrance into your Sponsor Daddy pages.
  15. The .me site is the entrance into the complete explanation of the Sponsor Daddy system.
  16. Webinars
  17. Continuing upgrades of the Sponsor Daddy system.
  18. Naxum Online has been making custom sites for major companies for years.
  19. Binary Pay
    1. No flushing of points
    2. Paid to an unlimited depth
    3. Worldwide recruiting
    4. Maxes out at 10,000/week
    5. Paid weekly
    6. No levels or group volume to obtain.
    7. One business center per SS#.
    8. Points are derived from the plan levels in your down line.
    9. 2 legs are required.
  1. Coding Bonus
    1. $50 to the direct sponsor
    2. $20 to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th sponsors
    3. May sponsor as many people as you want.


Very few people are willing to put their name and email into the system. Then again the system is “weeding” out those that are not very interested, thus saving the Network Marketers time to be used more productively.

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  • Andrew August 13, 2009, 3:26 am

    That’s a great review. I use the system myself and love the leverage it gives me. I consider this system to be the ultimate leverage system as it not only finds me people that I should be talking to, but then trains them and allows them to replicate that process with minimal an targeted involvement from me.

    Thank you for bringing Sponsordaddy to the attention of others. I really consider it to be one of the best and most important things to be brought to network marketing.

    The links above will give yo a good insight to the system.