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Professional Pay Per Click Management Software – Speed PPC

If you are not familiar with Speed PPC, and how it will save you tons of time and tedious effort, now’s the time to take a closer look. This software for pay per click marketing normally costs close to $500.  I own a copy personally and it is worth the price tag.

However, they’re celebrating the end of their Aussie financial year with a massive sale for 3 days only. I just learned of the sale…so my apologies.  There is now less than two days remaining on the sale.

With a huge 40% discount on their top-of-the-line package SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you’ll save almost $200 off the normal price. Use the $200 savings to fire up some Google, Yahoo and MSN ppc campaigns.

Also included is a SpeedPPC’s WordPress Dynamic Landing Page plug-in. This exclusive plug-in enables you to dynamically target your WordPress landing pages using various page templates. You can also perfect your targeting using multiple dynamic values in your URL and page content – all this with just a single installation of WordPress. (don’t worry if you don’t understand completely…there is also excellent training included with your purchase)

If you are using pay per click marketing to bring fresh, targeted leads to your business web sites each and every day, then you know how important good tools can be.  Messy, unorganized ad campaigns?  Speed PPC will keep things neat and tidy.

– High costs blocking your profits?
– Too much time wasted on setting up campaigns?
– Click through rates too low?
– Conversions too few and far between?
– Quality score choking your ad impressions?
– Minimum bids set too high?
– Tracking profitable keywords virtually impossible?

Oh, and you’re automatically protected with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try SpeedPPC with your own campaigns at no risk whatsoever.

Get it now before the 40% off sale ends at midnight, Thursday 25 June EST.


SpeedPPC - PPC Marketing at Warp Speed

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