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Social Media Marketing tip: “Video Syndication—4 Reasons Why Video Length is So Important”

Video Syndication – 4 Reasons Why Video Length is So Important

Video Syndication – 4 Reasons Why Video Length is So Important
By Mark Everett

The length of your video is so important for so many reasons and here they are!

1. Video length – People have a short attention span at the best of times but on the internet it gets worse! Unless you produce something that is absolutely amazing the likelihood is they are only going to spend a couple of minutes watching it and then you risk losing the viewer! Therefore keep your video short, make it a length that would persuade them to watch it all the way to the end, a few minutes is good.

2. Allowable video length – Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away when making a video, it’s hard to stop when you’re flowing! But some of the video submitting sites only let you use a certain amount of video time on them. For example YouTube is 10 minutes, so it’s not like you can produce a whole full length webinar or anything like that! This just emphasises the point above, it’s better to keep it short, and it’s good that websites such as YouTube only offer 10 minutes running time, it helps you out!

3. The boredom factor – Lengthy videos more often than not, are pretty boring. Who is going to sit there for say 10 minutes of their time watching a stranger blabbering on waiting to see if the video may or may not be worth watching! If you’re going to make a lengthy video put some humour in it or something to keep the viewer interested!

4. Let them know it’s a short video – A great way to get someone to watch your video is to tell them how long it is before they have even clicked on the video! You want to make it as obvious as possible how long your video is.

Here are a few good points on your video length. Take then into consideration to make your video a lot more attractive to others! To learn more about online marketing join me and start your Internet future

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