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Network Marketing Lead Generation with SEO LinkVine

While most of the posts on NetworkMarketingReview are reviews of business opportunities, I also like to take time occasionally to share ideas and strategies for MLM lead generation online.

Are you are a brand new network marketer and you are overwhelmed with the thousands of ways to promote and advertise online (and offline)?  Or maybe you have been doing this online network marketing thing for months or years now, but you are still trying to figure out SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click)…and several other marketing tactics that you’ve heard about.

SEO LinkVine and How It Can Create More Leads

So today I’m going a bit ‘old school’ and I’m going to recommend that you put article marketing into your marketing tool set right away.  If you are currently doing article marketing, and submitting to the major article sites, like EzineArticles.com and Articlesbase.com, this is something a bit different. You see, the whole point of article marketing is to get your content distributed around the internet, while building backlinks to your web site, blog or capture pages.

Article marketing has been around for years now but it is still highly effective, if you do it correctly. The problem is that the big article directories are getting more and more difficult to deal with.  Submissions may take 3-7 days to get accepted.  Each site has different rules about how many links you can include, how long the links can be, where the link can lead…so it gets to be a bit counterproductive.

SeoLinkVine (don’t let the name scare you..it’s a service created by an SEO geek, Brad Callen) is an article marketing service that is designed from the ground up by internet marketers.  But it’s extremely simple to use and has a clean, easy to navigate system interface.

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The Plan for Inexpensive MLM Lead Generation

1.  Do some keyword research (use Google’s free external keyword tool or another free tool).  Choose 5-10 phrases that are targeted to your business opportunity.  For example, many people search for reviews on companies; ie:  ‘Shaklee Reviews’ or ‘GeneWize Reviews’. Put your company’s name into the free keyword tool and you should be able to find a couple of gems to target.

2.  Write an article specific to this keyword phrase.  Use the phrase in the title of the article, once in the article body and again in the author bio box. (Just like you do for submitting to Ezinearticles)

3. Place links into your articles that lead to any of your web pages and blogs. Don’t forget you could even link out to free sites, like Blogger and Squidoo. (just make sure you have a way to lead the visitor back to your main site or place an autoresponder box on the page to capture your lead’s information)

4.  Put your article into the SEO Linkvine article marketing system and syndicate your article out by pushing a few buttons.

5.  Lather, rinse and repeat this process for each of your target keywords, and do this several times per week.

5.  You will be building backlinks to your blogs, web site and lead capture pages–which will lead to better rankings (yes, FREE traffic).  This will mean increased lead flow for your business opportunity.  And without buying expensive mlm leads or spending several dollars per click on google ads.

Sure, you make your online marketing very expensive and complex. (I’ve been there and done that)  But this is a simple solution to increased lead flow that WILL work if you will DO the work.  And the ‘work’ required is a whole lot easier with a system like SEOLinkVine.

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