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SendOut Cards Review

SendOutCards puts a greeting card, gift store, print shop, and post office at your fingertips.  They make card and gift sending easier than any other company does.  SendOutCards is currently open for network marketing entrepreneurs in the United States, Canada, and Australia. They have just made it possible to type your message on cards in different languages such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The vision of SendOutCards is global.  In Aug 2009, they ranked #158 on “INC Magazine’s” list of fastest growing companies.  SendOutCards is only one of seven companies endorsed by Business Network International.  With the ultimate goals of becoming a billion dollar company and a household name, SendOutCards did about $52 million in business in 2009.

As a SendOutCards distributor, I can tell you this company has changed my life.  In order to be successful in SendOutCards you must be willing to make kindness and appreciation a daily priority.

“We are a stand on our feet and cheer each other on type of people”, CEO and Founder of SendOutCards Cody Bateman.

I have found support and help from other SendOutCards entrepreneurs that aren’t even in my up line.  The people I have met in this company are always there for each other.  This has spilled over into my personal life and has had a profound effect.

SendOutCards fulfills a need in the marketplace competitively as no other company can.  It is feasible that someone who becomes a user of SendOutCards will never purchase a greeting card in a store again.  SendOutCards works well for personal or business use.

One minor problem I have had is getting through the constant state of excitement many of the people seem to be in and actually get some work done! SendOutCards is a very emotional company.  I am serious about being successful in this business.

One other thing I don’t like is that when I am trying to get a customer and I send a person to my SendOutCards website they think I am trying to recruit them.  It is tough to sell the system to other business people when they think they are being recruited.  This is because there are two opportunity videos on the webpage and nothing about using the system for personal or business use.

But, the flaws of this company I believe are minor!  They could be found in any other network marketing company.  I have found my own way around the issues and I can show you as well.

guest article by Michael Reid

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