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Review: Zrii Wellness

Zrii Liquid NutritionalZrii is a fresh new face in the network marketing industry. Zrii is also the name of it’s sole product, a cutting edge liquid nutritional, based on the science of Ayurveda. The product has received an endorsement from the Chopra Center for Wellness, and is only the third product ever to receive a coveted endorsement.

The company was in prelaunch as of October 2007.  The official launch date was May 22, 2008.

Zrii Ingredients


is the keystone of Zrii’s formulation . It is considered to be extremely potent for cellular rejuvenation.


Ginger is used to improve digestion, absorption and assimilation.  Ginger is also used for dyspepsia and colic, to ease pain from arthritis, has blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties and can be an effective treatment for nausea. Compounds in Ginger are believed to aid the movement of the gastrointestinal tract and have antibacterial and analgesic properties.


Turmeric aids healthy circulation and digestion.  The United States National
Institutes of Health is conducting four clinical trials to determine if
curcumin may be effective in treating pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s
and colorectal cancer. Curcumin (a compound found in Turmeric) has been used for thousands of years as
a safe anti-inflammatory and may be an effective treatment for


Tulsi is also referred to as Holy Basil. This aromatic plant has culinary uses, but has particular spiritual
relevance as well.

Tulsi has been shown to
enhance digestion and intestinal health. The plant’s extracts are also
used in remedies for colds, headaches, stomach ailments, inflammation,
heart disease, and malaria. Recent studies suggest that Tulsi may be
effective in balancing blood glucose levels and moderating cholesterol
levels. It is also a potent antioxidant.


Schizandra is said to be a
powerful tonic to the brain and is believed in China to improve memory and overall brain function.


Jujube has been shown to be a calming, stress-relieving substance. 


Haritaki is a nourishing tonic for tissues, particularly the heart, liver, and
kidney. It is used to treat diseases of the eye (both internally and
externally). It may also aid in lowering cholesterol levels.

Suggested daily intake is 1-3 doses (1 oz. each), spread throughout the day.

What is the cost to  enroll as a Zrii Business Associate?

You can enroll for as little as $49.95 plus tax.  This  provides you with a business start up kit.  There is no up front requirement to buy a large start up pack; however, they are available.

The basic level for autoship/retail monthly sales is currently $120. This is the minimum level required to receive compensation from Zrii.  The ranks go from Independent Executive, 1 Star…all the way up to 10 star.  Associates can go to a 3 star qualification with 1 leg and the $120 autoship.  Beyond a 3-Star, a $240/monthly autoship is  required to achieve the higher ranks.

The Zrii compensation plan includes seven ways to earn income: (from the corporate site)

  1. Fast Start Bonus Pool (Paid monthly)

    The Fast Start Bonus Pool is a great way to earn additional income in
    any given month. Personally enroll five new people on Autoship in any
    given month to qualify for one share in the pool.

  2. Unilevel Royalty Bonus (Paid monthly)Earn a long-term residual override on all product sales within your
    entire sales organization. You will be paid monthly on up to nine
    levels of dynamically compressed product sales.
  3. Infinity Bonus (Paid monthly)Earn up to a 3% override on all product sales outside of your qualified
    earning levels, infinitely deep within your sales organization.
  4. Matching Bonus (Paid monthly)
    From those you have personally enrolled, earn a 10, 15, or 20% match on the Unilevel Commission check.
  5. All-Star Bonus (Paid quarterly)
    As a top-level executive, celebrate in the success of the entire company with the 3% global All-Star Bonus Pool.
  6. Founders Bonus (Paid annually)Share in 2% of the commissionable sales for each new market we open,
    and continue to share in 1% of total market commissionable sales during
    all subsequent years.

Contact a Zrii Independent Executive:

Jason Blair, MBA
(502) 609-6602

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