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Review: Zero Friction Marketing

I recently noticed some emails coming in, talking about a new Clickbank course called Zero Friction Marketing. My curiosity finally got the better of me…and I’m glad that it did.  Though I have purchased various marketing ebooks over the years, few have been as immediately useful as this one.

Aimed primarily at new and intermediate-level affiliate marketers, you might be wondering what application this would have to online network marketing. First off, once I dedicated a good deal of time to learning affiliate marketing late last year, my online income began steadily increasing.  Funded proposals, sometimes called ‘self liquidating leads’, are one of the main points of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.  Thriving in your online network marketing business requires that you learn to create multiple income streams, so that your prospecting costs don’t eat your checkbook alive. Whether you want to purchase leads packages, or create them yourself, it requires time, money and skill.

Zero Friction Marketing exposes several cost-effective pay per click methods that I had not previously considered using for lead generation or affiliate sales.  One of these is Microsoft’s AdCenter.  In fact, several of the methods were completely new to me — though they are used by super affiliates and other online businesses on a daily basis.  You may be thinking that these methods are costly and complicated.  And you would be wrong!  Again, I was honestly surprised at what I learned inside of 5-6 hours (clear, concise videos explain the methods in great detail for newbies).  Also included are detailed pdf documents that you can download and refer back to, without having to watch entire videos over again to find an answer. (oh, I HATE having to do that when videos are too lengthy!)

Here’s what you get with Zero Friction Marketing:

  • 3 pay per click methods, and none of them involve Google or Yahoo
  • Over 30 videos, detailing CPA marketing and the use of ‘alternative’ ppc and media buying methods
  • PDF transcripts of the information detailed in the videos
  • 30-Day money back guarantee

Keep in mind, this is a course designed for affiliate marketers.  However, you will recognize immediate application for promoting your network marketing opportunity online — and without having to use Google search, which can be quite costly.

Here’s where  you can get  Zero Friction Marketing.  Within 24 hours, you can implement.  It’s really that simple to do.

get zero friction marketing

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