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Review: WorldVentures Travel MLM

World Ventures, based in Plano, TX, is a travel-based network marketing opportunity.

Watch the business opportunity online presentation.

WorldVentures uses a binary compensation plan. The product consists of two main parts:

  • DreamTrips Membership. WorldVentures uses a wholesale, bulk buying concept, much like Costco or Sam’s Club and applies it to travel. A one-time membership cost and a small monthly fee gives members access to vacations at wholesale prices. Members can recoup their initial investment within their first trip or two.
  • Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) Package. The WorldVentures Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) Package is the business opportunity. Customers who purchase the LTC Package are given access to online travel tutorials which can prepare them for travel industry exams and certifications. LTCs can refer travel customers to their own personal website and if travel is booked, earn commissions on those bookings.
  • Cost to get started is a low as $99. (affiliate) This level of entry is the ‘Representative Business System’ or RBS. This price includes a web site, back office, training tools and marketing tools to promote the business. To participate in the Dream Trips, the LTC package, and the business opportunity, the cost is currently $199. (used to be $399) Those who want to become members of World Ventures strictly for the Dream Trips, the cost is $199 initially, plus $20/monthly.


    GREAT looking presentation on the various web sites; travel industry is a huge industry and continues to grow; cost to enroll is relatively low; send discount travel customers to your website with confidence…the prices really are rock bottom.

    Only one optional online marketing system (that I could locate); I found the web site material to be a bit confusing (in spite of the fact that it looks and sounds really good) *update, Dec. 2008: The website is undergoing some major changes and improvements.

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    • Shawn Cornett November 1, 2008, 11:06 am

      I’m curious how you could rate #2 in your top travel companies review. I spent several years in the travel based mlm industry and can tell you that although I am no longer involved there that WorldVentures is the only travel company that will make it long term. The are the only company that has their own true products other than a card mill. Their travel dream trips product and powersearch set them apart. Most travel mlm companies are just riding the wave of popularity but when the sh_t hits the fan, WV will stay in business.