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Review: Usana MLM Home Based Business Opportunity

Usana Health Sciences is a global mlm business opportunity, currently available in 13 different market areas, including the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

The products are health and wellness oriented, and are in four basic groupings:

Essentials (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)
Optimizers (formulas for specific support of digestion, cardiovascular health, etc.)
Macro-Optimizers (bars, shakes and other low-glycemic convenience food items)
Sense ( skin care line)

The compensation plan:

The USANA Binary Compensation Plan is a binary system. In order to optimize earnings, the associate must build balanced left-side and right-side downline organizations for the purpose of selling USANA’s nutritional and personal care products. Weekly commissions are paid out based on the balanced Group Sales Volume (GSV) points accumulated in the left-side and right-side downline organizations. There is no limit to the amount of levels that can be created in the downline.

From my review of the corporate web site, and other related informational sites, it looks as though one can become a member for less than $50.

As for how the pay plan works? Honestly, as with many other mlm programs, it’s complex and difficult to understand. An explanation by an active representative would be best. (and I am not one myself…) The minimum entry is done by purchasing ‘one business center’ — a position with two legs underneath. To activate one Business Center, you must generate at least 150 Sales Volume Points. 10% commissions possible on group sales volume with one Business Center.

To enroll with three Business Centers, you must generate 450 sales volume points within the first 6 Fridays of enrollment. The 3 Business Center Option places the rep in the first 2 positions below themselves, thus creating three different points to draw commissions from. By “being” the first 2 people beneath yourself, you end up with 4 legs instead of 2. 20% commissions on group sales volumes are possible with this option.


The health and wellness industry continues to grow and is very lucrative. Aging Baby Boomers will continue this trend. High quality products have created many loyal customers. Global opportunity means that internet recruitment methods could be leveraged for building large downlines more easily. The company offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on the products.


Product line is quality, but somewhat pricey at the retail level. As with any mlm, a downline of thousands must be created in order to create substantial monthly income.
Although purchases are not required, monthly product volume must be maintained in order to qualify for commissions.

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