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Trivita Review

Trivita Business Opportunity Overview

You may have seen infomercials for the sublingual B-12 supplements. Or you may have heard a radio commercial or seen advertisements in magazines. This is part of an extremely unique business model, one that I have never seen with any other business opportunity or network marketing company. This is referred to as ‘cooperative marketing’ and you, as the distributor, essentially purchase the customers…and TriVita does the rest.

This is seriously fascinating.

It works basically like this:

1. Trivita acquires new customers, on a daily basis, through massive media marketing.

2. These customers are placed in TriVita’s Co-Op Advertising program. You have the opportunity to license residual income of the acquired customers, for the life of the customer.

3. TriVita’s customer support fulfills all orders and phone calls about the products. AND, there is an aggressive customer loyalty program working to keep your customers satisfied and ordering more products.

Focus Is On Customers, Not Distributors

Trivita’s business is built upon a foundation of customers. Trivita is NOT built upon the (shaky) foundation of mostly distributors.

Most network marketing opportunities have an imbalance of distributors to customers.  This ratio might be 100:1 or more! With many business opportunities, distributors make most of their income by recruiting other distributors. This is a business model that is headed straight for failure, since most people are just not good at personal selling. Furthermore, a business that is not built on excellent products–products that produce repeat, loyal customers — is not really a business at all.  It’s a sham.  We’ve all seen many of these barely legal companies over the years.  Maybe you have been a distributor for one or more of them.

Trivita’s business opportunity is focused on the distribution of their products. What this means is that an affiliate’s income will come primarily through the purchasing actions of customers; secondary to product sales, affiliates receive income from business builders that they bring into Trivita.

At the time of this writing, customers can be purchased for a fee of  around $50 each. Affiliates are also free to acquire customers with their own marketing efforts. For individuals who lack the skills (or desire) for personal selling, the Trivita customer acquisition plan (MAP) provides a solution.

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