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Review: Synergy Success System

The Synergy Success System has intrigued me for over a month now, since I received an email promoting it. This is a new online, automated prospecting system created just for Synergy Worldwide distributors. I found the online presentations to be quite good, in my opinion. When I learned that the products were manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine, it was even more appealing. (I have personally used Nature’s Sunshine products over the years and feel that the quality is top notch.)

Synergy WorldWide was founded in 1999. The business opportunity was launched in Japan, and following the success there, opened up the Taiwan market in 2000.

Also in 2000, Nature’s Sunshine Products approached the Synergy Founders and negotiated Synergy’s purchase. NSP had been doing business in Asia for many years and wanted to partner in Synergy’s explosive growth. Rather than competing with them, they wanted Synergy part of their bottom line.

Nature’s Sunshine is 30-year old giant in the nutritional supplement industry. NSP does hundreds of millions of dollars of business annually. Synergy became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine.

In September 2001, Synergy WorldWide became available to US distributors. And in 2003, Synergy entered Taiwan officially.

The company appears to have some serious momentum going at this time, especially in the Asian overseas markets.

The most unique aspect is the compensation plan, that doesn’t look at all like a usual binary mlm plan. You’ll have to go check out the information in it’s entirety, to get the complete picture…but I was duly impressed. If I was not already involved heavily in a wellness mlm company, I would enroll in this system. Seriously, it’s that impressive.

Here is the main page for the system, if you are curious.


Low cost of entry; high quality wellness company, with sterling reputation is the product manufacturer; above-average online presentation system; Money back guarantee on the products; above-average compensation plan

Must maintain a monthly autoship, as with any MLM opportunity; must build a large organization, as with any MLM, in order to create substantial income.

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