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Review: Renegade University online training program

Renegade University Provides Click-by-Click Training to Help you Attract Prospects Online

If you are struggling to build an online presence for your MLM business, I’d like to shed some light on the valuable tools available through Renegade University. I’m going to share with you some of the many ways it can benefit your business and how you can become a member. Also, I’ll explain how Renegade University can help you monetize your prospecting efforts once your marketing is set up online.

Renegade University is part of the ‘Renegade System’ started by network marketing expert Ann Sieg. In 2007, Sieg wrote an ebook called The Renegade Network Marketer. It set forth the principles of attraction marketing. The book is the basis of Renegade University. It is step one.

But in order to put the ideas of The Renegade Network Marketer into tangible reality, you need the training offered by the university. With a very simple, straightforward teaching style, Mike Klingler of Renegade University takes the processes of setting up an online marketing campaign and breaks them down into something doable. There are even trainings to help the complete computer novice get started.

In her ebook, Ann Sieg tells us to draw prospects by offering a value at no charge. Renegade University shows by offering that value. By simply enrolling for the free basic membership, and providing your name and email address, you can begin your training on how to:

• Build a list of prospects without paying for leads or advertising.

• Attract quality business builders to your team.

• Attract any kind of prospect for any kind of business.

• Make money to sustain your business while you are prospecting.

This information is a skill set that can be used to attract prospects to any business, product or opportunity, and it’s an amazing value for free. You will also have access to a Network Marketing guide (your sponsor in the program) who can help you with your questions.

Once you have begun to see the effects of this training on your business, you will want to go to the next level! For $39.99 a month, you can upgrade to the professional level to receive ongoing training that advances with you as you grow in attraction marketing. Renegade Professional Members receive access to:

• Google PPC training

• Several different lead capture pages for spreading the word about the university

• Extensive training on Squidoo, Hubpages and social marketing

• Intensive webinars on subjects like SEO, writing content that attracts, building your own blog, and so many more. The webinars are available to the public at a cost of about $195 each, but professional members can attend as many as they want, and can access them anytime, 24/7, in their online account training area.

• A network of qualified attraction marketing coaches.

Certainly not the least of Renegade University’s benefits is the affiliate program. Once again, instead of just telling you different ways you can monetize your prospecting efforts, it actually provides a way for you to do that. So you will learn — and actually DO — affiliate marketing and network marketing together. And once you begin to see how everything fits together, you will definitely want to share it with your downline. With a limited amount of your time required, they can start acquiring those criticial internet attraction marketing skills. What does this mean ultimately? More duplication. Fewer people who get left behind due or quit, due to not having these skills.

From one network marketer to the next, I hope you take advantage of this exceptional tool that has been so much help to me, from the beginner training to the intensive webinars to the affiliate program. As Mike Klingler says, we are “partners in success”.

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