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Renegade Professional Review

This is a joint-venture between Ann Sieg (The Renegade Network Marketer System) and Mike Klingler (Renegade University).

What is Renegade Professional?

Renegade Professional in a training program that teaches the skills of ‘internet network marketing’. The philosophy underneath it all is Attraction Marketing, and learning to use social marketing and internet marketing techniques to grow our businesses.

A bit of background

Ann Sieg wrote and released her ebook and marketing training materials in late 2007. Several months later, Mike Klingler put together Renegade University, in an attempt to bridge the gap between Ann’s teaching and the computer/technical/marketing skills required to put the training into action. From what I understand, Ann was aware of Renegade University, but the two programs were not officially working together. That changes with the new Renegade Professional. No more confusion. This is now officially a joint effort.

I have received questions numerous times about the two systems — what they are — how they are related–and it was quite honestly a bit confusing. The confusion should soon disappear altogether as Renegade Professional gains more members and stature in the network marketing industry.

If you have not downloaded the free ebook, written by Ann Sieg in advance of the merged training system, you can get a copy here:

The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto

There is also an audio version available so you can listen on your iPhone or iPod…or whatever device you have for mp3 files.

“How Do I Know if Renegade Professional is a fit for me?”

If you are new to online marketing altogether, but want to really reduce your learning curve, I believe that you would benefit from this training program. The caveat, however, is that the amount of training modules and subjects is immense. That’s a good thing, in terms of value. That’s a bad thing, if you are prone to information overload.

If you are still brand new to ‘online network marketing’, you want to start with one or two marketing methods that most appeal to you. Learn these thoroughly before advancing on to other techniques. Don’t try to learn everything all at once. (you’ll thank me later for this advice…LOL)

Topics and Methods Covered in Renegade Professional

Social media marketing: Squidoo, Hubpages, Facebook…


Lead Capture Pages and List Building

Introductory PPC training

Effective Video marketing

How to write effective articles and content

One on One Coaching will also be available SOON (this is new)

Go here to get on the notification list, or to just get your free copy of Attraction Marketers Manifesto.

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