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Qivana Review

The following overview of the Qivana business opportunity was submitted by:

Judi & Keith Heimpel
Qivana Founding Independent Business Owners

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Qivana Review: A Prelaunch Positioned To Make History

The prelaunch of Qivana, a company offering a systematic approach to physical improvement, core balance and core strength, began in mid April 2009 and continues through September with the corporate launch set for September 18-19, 2009.

With its focus on the home-based business owner, Qivana is preparing for what company founders expect to be the biggest, most successful prelaunch in network marketing history. The founders themselves are what
make Qivana such a high profile opportunity.

The company

Qivana is the first network marketing company to put the Independent Business Owner (IBO), at the center of everything. The company mission is to make Qivana IBOs the most successful entrepreneurs in the world with a focus on long-term success. All decisions will answer the question, “Will this benefit the Independent Business Owners and propel them towards success?”

Qivana was founded by five senior-level veterans of the network marketing industry, including:

• Derek Hall, Chief Executive Officer – Served previously as Chief Sales Officer of McKesson Corporation, president and CEO for Nature’s Way, Botanicals International, Integrative Therapeutics, Unigen USA and Univera, and Vice Chairman and CEO of ECONET, Inc.

• Rodney James, Chief Sales Officer – Most recently served as Director of Product Marketing for XanGo. Also served in sales and marketing roles with VM Direct and NuSkin.
• Devin Glazier, Chief Financial Officer – Former Senior Financial Analyst at Novell and Senior Director of Finance at XanGo.
• Justin Banner, Chief Strategy Officer – Most recently served as Vice President of Strategy and Development at XanGo.  Was also a member of General Electric’s leadership development program and served as Market Research Manager for Tahitian Noni International.
• Craig Johanson, Chief Marketing Officer – Served as Vice President of Marketing for XanGo and Senior Brand Manager at Tahitian Noni International.

The business

The company’s proven products, first-class leadership team and resounding emphasis on its entrepreneurs is the ultimate recipe for success. The Qivana Sales System, which makes Qivana the most duplicatable opportunity on the market, is the culmination of experience and practicality – you drive traffic to your website, the most impressive and fully interactive website in the industry. The site gives them a tour and even offers a 5 day FREE product sample.


The Qivana IBO’s are provided with a state of the art backoffice for them to handle every aspect of their business.

Founder and CEO of Qivana, Derek Hall stated “People have embraced our philosophy of a systematic approach to health and recognize the tremendous business opportunity that our company and products have to offer. There is not a better time to look at building a business, and Qivana has assembled the right plan, products, people and support to become the best home-based opportunity of this decade.”

The products

At the heart of Qivana’s approach to health is the Qore System, a practical health regimen created with natural products that follows a three-step philosophy — Stabilize, Vitalize, and Optimize.
The systematic approach removes customer confusion and frees the IBO from heavy lifting when offering the products.

Qivana will launch with three products:

• Qore Probiotic – Created to help replenish healthy bacteria in the gut with a unique and proprietary blend of probiotics and Japanese technology to guarantee these healthy bacteria are delivered to the intestines unharmed by stomach acids.
• Qore Essentials – A daily proprietary blend of Asian herbs designed to help people reach their biogenetic potential. Among the herbs in Essentials is Gynostemma pentapyhllum, also known as the Crown Herb or the Immortality Herb, Chinese Skullcap and White Korean Ginseng.
• Qore Detox – Contains Puratox, an exclusive blend of natural products, with a scientifically-validated ability to rid the body of heavy metals, free radicals and toxins. (This product is FREE, when it ships every third month for those on the Qore System autoship program.)

Qivana has named Dr. Marcus Laux as its Chief Science Officer and established a scientific advisory board consisting of industry recognized doctors and scientists.

Should you join

Qivana prelaunched only two weeks ago, with thousands of IBOs. Even with those impressive numbers, this is truly a ground floor opportunity. Yes, it’s a prelaunch, yes there will be kinks to work out, but this is the most experienced corporate team to ever launch a company in the history of the network marketing industry. This team isn’t just management working for others, they own Qivana and have a vested financial interest in Qivana’s long term success.

As with any business, money does not magically spring into your pocket, just because you decided to start the business. You will need to pay attention to your business and your efforts will be rewarded based on your consistency. However, the Qivana Sales System is designed for every person to succeed if they just consistently invite people to their website.

Wellness and nutrition continue to be lucrative sectors in the network marketing industry. When choosing an opportunity in this challenging economy, one that offers a consumable product people buy month after month is a smart business decision. However, Qivana’s true selling point is the Qivana Sales System with it’s emphasis on duplication and retention.

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