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Review: Mike Dillard’s Blackbelt Recruiting

Mike Dillard has changed the way millions of people approach network marketing with his groundbreaking books and training courses, Building on a Budget, MLM Traffic Formula and Magnetic Sponsoring. On July 22, 2008, he released his newest work, Black Belt Recruiting.

The major difference of Black Belt Recruiting from Dillard’s previous products (and a myriad of similar products from authors) is that it doesn’t focus on lead generation. Black Belt Recruiting goes a step further and addresses the fact that, no matter how you generate your leads, you are going to have to talk to them on the phone at some point. Black Belt Recruiting is about dynamic communication.

Not only is Mike Dillard a very successful network marketer, he has also made a lucrative business and a recognizable name simply by communicating about network marketing. On this project, he adds to his own expertise the talents of Mark Wieser, one of the top earners in the MLM industry.

If I’m going to take advice from anyone on successful business communications, Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser are a great place to start…

The cost for the course is $147.00, but Mike and Mark stand behind their techniques so wholeheartedly, they’ll refund your money if you don’t see MAJOR improvements in your sponsoring of new people. Here’s the guarantee, from the Blackbelt web site:

“If at any time during the next YEAR you don’t honestly think you can sponsor as many as 25 new reps per month… if you hear the word “no” even so much as whispered by a prospect… if your upline doesn’t start asking YOU for advice on how to sponsor more distributors… just let us know and we’ll give you a 100%, “no-hassle” refund”

Black Belt Recruiting consists of 6 CDs, each over an hour long, and a booklet of extra information. On the CDs Mike Dillard interviews Mark Wieser about his rise to success with the MLM company Xango, and the techniques he used to sponsor so many recruits. They expose the basic psychology behind sponsoring leads and get down to the nitty-gritty of recruiting with these concepts and many others:

  • Consider sponsoring those who have already been successful in business, but at the high cost of time lost with their families, stress, and long hours. Those people are the ones who already have the business skills to succeed at network marketing
  • Avoid the four words that will drive away even the warmest prospects
  • How the six to seven figure network marketers close prospects on the phone without actually doing any selling
  • How to get your prospects so excited about you, you can sponsor them without even talking about what company you’re in or what product you sell
  • A subtle method to get the competition to help you build your sponsorship without their even knowing it
  • Conquer questions like, “How much are you making?”
  • How to sponsor people who have already decided not to join your business
  • Do you dream of MLM success, but your palms grow sweaty at the thought of picking up a phone to call a lead? Black Belt Recruiting provides a true-to-life account of how Mike Dillard went from zero… to being a sponsoring champ. Black Belt Recruiting will teach you how to rebuild your confidence so you can give yourself the “success aura” that attracts leads.

    Sound too good to be true? Without the right balance of training, discipline and action, it is. If you’ve been at network marketing for very long, you know that there are no magic cures. I recommend Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting, not as a magic cure for the woes of recruiting, but as a comprehensive tool for personal development.

    If you are willing to commit yourself to learn and put into action the principles discussed in this training, I believe you will see a change for the better in the way you approach recruiting and in your results.

    Transform Your Sponsoring Techniques with Black Belt Recruiting

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