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Review: Ecommerce Business Opportunity

What is an eCommerce Broker ?

Guest article writer:  Louis Fisher

What is an eCommerce Broker ?

An eCommercebroker is the direct sales industry’s answer to the door to door salesman of the 1960’s who canvassed the American subculture with products ranging from vacuum cleaners to pots and pans.

Shop to Earth/Shop to Earn:

The Tour: www.24hourtour.net/ecommerce

Questions about the tour and ecommerce and how they relate to our green, organic, Society can be directed to us at 610.799.6000

In Business Since: 2006

Mission Statement: The Mission Statement of the Company:

“Our mission is to empower people to become Conscious Consumers and choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth. Through our alliances with excellent green companies and the biggest names in retail, we are proud to do our part in increasing green awareness. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference in the world environmentally and socially.”

Shop to Earn, STE, has been able to consistently implement its mission statement through the use of seminars, webinars, live training calls, and live tour calls. Every STE has been highlighted and punctuated with making the world and society a better place to live by showing an outpouring of love and adoration for people from the founder of the company to the newest member of the STE team.

Shop To Earn is joining the concept of comparison shopping on the internet by setting up dynamic, personal, malls on the internet where you can shop at several stores by saving gas and helping to reduce the amount of emissions that is released into the environment.. It delivers products to customers either by UPS or Federal Express delivery as well as offering “in store pickup” at some of the largest vendors like Best Buy.. In this Direct Sales home based business, its brokers take the product of its online website portal directly to the customers by way of a live tour call as well as a one on one demonstation of the 24 hour tour in the privacy and intimacy of one’s home. The core business of Shop to Earn is all about relationships.

I was involved with Shop to Earn when it was virtually a new startup with less than 100 vendors and the training was just evolving from groups of less than 20 people called “brokers”. While servicing the customers, the company also collects product-preference data from its customers in the form of “support tickets”. The data include the likes and dislikes of the customers and information on what kind of products each individual customer wants. The company analyzes the data and then locates manufacturers to create personalized products according to preference of the customers.

Shop to Earn has not been in business long enough to generate a track record of success stories over the years; however, it has a  Public Relations Department that is growing and improving. I started as broker # 3773 in May of 2008 and now there are over 100,000 brokers in the business with a customer service department that has been growing and improving every day. Because the growth of the company is so dynamic, the company is striving to keep up with the amount of customer service reps needed to handle customer complaints. It is fortunate that the company has such smoth operations that there has not been any operations issues.
The Business Model

There are three ways to become involved into the Shop to Earn Business Model–
A.) The Business Builder is known as “The Referrer” and gets paid to refer other individuals or businesses into the Shop to Earn Opportunity. The cost to be a Business Builder is a one time fee of $99.
B.) The Website Owner is known as “The Shopper” and gets paid to shop online in the form of tax free cash rebates. The cost to become a Website Owner is a one time fee of $349.
C.) The Broker is known as the hybrid of “the Referrer and the Shopper” and gets paid to shop and gets paid to refer. The cost to become a Broker is a one time fee of $448.
If for any reason the referrer, the website owner, or the broker wants to opt out of the business within the first 14 days, then all fees paid are 100% refundable.
Compensation Plan:

Shop to Earn has an interesting Binary Hybrid pay plan but just like a lot of Direct Sales Companies, you need to recruit and duplicate, as well as lead by example to make any real long term money. Typically if you recruit 1 new distributor a month you will build a solid organization and create recurring revenue within 24 months. I recruited 10 brokers in my first 30 days. In 13 months I have recruited 23 brokers and I have over 885 brokers in my business.

My earnings are into five figures after just 13 months. In business you must be willing to follow direction and know about the products and organization if you are to succeed. Recruiting is done by the team, placing new brokers, website owners, or business builders in your businesses, thus helping newer brokers getting paid. Shop To Earn has a basic philosophy as taught be its Founder, Pat Welsh. “We get paid to shop and we get paid to refer. The more we shop and the more we refer, the more we will make.”

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