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Review: Chews 4 Health Wellness Business Opportunity

Chews 4 Health Review: Facts You Should Know About Chews 4 Health

Chews 4 Health is a relatively new wellness business opportunity, having opened for business in late 2008.

If you have read any of my prior reviews here on health supplement and wellness companies, you know that I absolutely DO have a bias towards this type of opportunity. Wellness is just something that will never, ever cease to be needed — especially with our growing population of new retirees. These baby boomers want to remain fit and full of vitality so that they can enjoy traveling the world and spending time with family and friends.

The founder of this company, Dr. David Friedman, has an impressive resume. He is a chiropractor, naturopath and the author of three books on wellness topics. Most importantly, in relation to this new company, he has also earned many millions of dollars as a top earner with a previous network marketing company. The previous company’s name is not mentioned, but the main product was a liquid nutritional supplement.

Dr. Friedman wanted to figure out a way to improve upon liquid supplements. Although liquids are far superior to pills and capsules, which may not even properly dissolve or digest, there are still remaining drawbacks:

–liquids are heavy, and therefore costly to ship
–liquids are inconvenient for travel
–many liquids must be pasteurized, which kills both bad AND good bacteria/enzymes
–many liquids contain preservatives and/or must be refrigerated

Even powder formulas have drawbacks. They require water for mixing and a container for mixing.

Dr. Friedman’s chews do not require preservatives and are easy, convenient and portable.
They contain a full spectrum mixture of sea vegetables and super fruit ingredients.

Retail product cost

30-day supply is $44.95 (as of October 2008)

Business Start Up Options

$89 or $180 to become a Chews 4 Health Team Member
(as of October 2008)

Chews 4 Health Review: National Co-op Marketing

Chews 4 Health is one of only two companies that I know of, utilizing a national co-op marketing model on a grand scale. (The other being Trivita) So, it’s not anywhere near the ‘traditional network marketing’ model. Associates can participate in huge media buys, such as tv, radio and magazine ads. So if personal selling is not your strong suit, this could help you to earn income in addition to warm market sales and local retail customers.

Strong FTC/FDA Compliance
Dr. Friedman and his business partners appear to be taking great pains to remain completely compliant with current FDA and FTC governmental restrictions. Several network marketing wellness companies have had major problems recently, and one that
I am aware of, was completely shut down.

Visually appealing and engaging marketing site; reasonable retail price point; unique and consumable wellness product; strong compliance efforts in place; national co-op advertising that team members can participate in; NOT traditional MLM.

This is a new start up, which always carries an inherent risk for the new distributor; earn up to $14.95 per retail order, which means you will need a large pool of buying customers, in order to create a substantial income.

For more information, contact an independent Chews 4 Health Team Member.

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