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Review: Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy Review: A New Way to Earn Residual Income from Home

The Company

Ambit Energy is a Texas based retail energy provider founded in 1992 by Jere W. Thompson, Jr., and Chris Chambless. It markets its services through the mlm business model.

Both men have enjoyed tremendous success in the telecommunications industry. Thompson was at the forefront of that industry as it deregulated. Chambless was an early member of the management team of Excel Communications. With this kind of leadership, Ambit seems a likely candidate for overwhelming success.

The Service

Ambit Energy distributes electricity and natural gas in Texas, Illinois and New York. Because energy travels through the same power lines whether an mlm company or a public utility provides it, customers experience no disruption in the way energy is delivered to their homes.

For as long as most of us can remember, public utilities have run as state-regulated monopolies. However, in the last few years, there has been a trend of states beginning to deregulate their utilities.

It’s been said before that competition is good for the customer. If you have felt taken advantage of before by complacent state-run monopolies, you’re going to like retail energy. Providers like Ambit are obligated to strive for your business by offering better rates and more attentive service.

Ambit offers discounted service with no contracts. Customers receive Travel Rewards Points each month based on the kWh’s they used. The points can be accumulated and used on travel packages. Ambit has joined the Better Business Bureau and has a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Opportunity

With Ambit Energy, employees and consultants come first. It is the belief of the Executive Management that when distributors are treated well and helped to achieve their goals, the customers win too.

No doubt, energy is a convenient product for network marketers to offer. This is something that people use every day, and most of them would like to save money on their bills.

With Ambit Energy as opposed to other home based businesses, there is no complicated paperwork, no inventory to store, and no deliveries to make. Also, consultants for Ambit do not have ongoing customer service to provide. Once they enroll a new customer, Ambit Energy takes it from there.

The timing is excellent. Consultants stand to benefit from the rush of consumers recently freed from the monopoly of public utilities and searching for a better deal.

Ambit Energy Review:  Compensation Plan:

1. Earn up to $400 for customers you enroll in your first 12 weeks. You count as one, your website counts as two, and pending customers also count.

2. Earn $100 for every new Marketing Consultant you sponsor who enrolls four customers in their first four weeks. Advance in rank and you could earn as much as $190 for every new consultant in your organization.

3. Earn monthly commissions on every active customer in your organization through six levels.

4. Earn monthly bonuses on all of your team members’ customers, ranging from $0.50 to $2.00 through unlimited levels of your organization.

Ambit Energy markets electricity and natural gas both through distributor websites and traditional, one-on-one network marketing.

There is some bad press out there labeling Ambit Energy a pyramid scheme. The bottom line is that consultants who want to make the really big money at this are going to have to work really hard building their organization. It’s going to take dedication and charisma. None of that overnight, miracle money stuff.

There are great benefits for team builders that could translate into substantial income. But sometimes the bigger the incentives for team leaders, the harder it is for the new guy to succeed. That is because part of his profits are going to pay the Team Builder Bonuses he hopes to earn one day. That is also why determination is so important in this business.

For more information about Ambit, contact an independent representative:

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