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Review – Agel Enterprises MLM

Agel Enterprise – A Closer Look at What Began As a Bright Idea

By Kevin Tyler Smith

Agel Enterprises began as a bright idea. Today, the company has operations in several countries around the world, including the U.S., Europe, Australia and many parts of Asia. That’s not such a bad start for a new company, considering that it began operations only in 2005. It did, however, make history by simultaneously launching itself in not one but 10 countries. The question is, does the hype deliver? Here, we take a closer look at the Agel Business Opportunity.

The company

Agel was founded by Glen Jensen, who first thought up of products based on gel. His inspiration was derived from the commonly used gel-based products that athletes used as sources of special nutrition. What came later was the Suspension Gel Technology, which is now at the heart of Agel’s brand and products.

The products

fit-smallAgel products are nutritionals which are delivered in convenient and easy to use gel form. These are vitamin and mineral supplements that may be taken as tasty flavored gels, as opposed to supplements that come in the form of capsules or tablets.

The advantage of the gel form is that nutrients are easier to digest and process, allowing the body to make use of them within a short period of time after intake. The Gel Technology behind the products allow for proper ingestion of the nutrients since delivery is direct and in easily absorbable form.

Agel’s gel-based technology offers nine various products. Some of its most popular include Agel MIN™, Agel EXO™ and Agel FIT™, which is an appetite suppressant designed to aid weight loss. Agel products also make use of natural ingredients, except for the Agel OHM™, which utilizes synthetic taurine.

Agel also has its own skin care product line, called Ageless.

The business

Agel’s business is anchored on its premium quality supplements. Pricing of the products is comparable to those found in specialty health food stores. As such, Agel customers tend to be those that belong to the mid- and high-end segments of the market.

Distributors earn from commissions on the sales of the products. That’s about 25% commission based on the retail price. The compensation plan is also promising, with excellent benefits and rewards systems for specific performance levels. And it’s not just about the cash, either.

Agel offers high performance distributors plenty of stuff to look forward to, such as allowances, matching bonuses, commissions based on team volume and even travel. For top-level distributors, there is also a chance to receive a fund for a luxury car.

Recruitment of new members is also rewarded. Agel pays $35 for every distributor that brings in a recruit that joins at the Personal level and $200 for each new recruit who joins at the Executive level.

Should you join?

agel ohmAgel is probably the only network marketing business that sells nutritionals based on a gel suspension delivery system. Compared to other companies in the same field (nutritionals and supplements), Agel is still a newcomer, having been launched only in late 2004. That can be its main selling point but also its disadvantage. However, that all really depends on how its distributors view the business opportunity.

Health and nutrition continue to be lucrative industries, particularly in relation to network marketing. Being the only company in the gel-based nutritionals segment, Agel has the potential to offer a very innovative product that has a potentially huge market. Join Agel if you have a market to target for its nutritionals and if you’re willing to build a network of contacts to support your team.

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