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Review of the Trivita Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Create Long Term Residual Income: Trivita Business

If you are a real estate investor, or an insurance agent, you understand the concept of residual income.  You also appreciate the financial and time leverage of residual income. Do an action once — like buy an income property or sell an insurance policy — and get paid again and again, over time, as a result of that action.

Customers vs. Distributors

In the home based business/network marketing industry, the term ‘residual income’ is also a key concept. In fact, if you have ever been involved in MLM or have considered becoming involved with a multi level marketing company,  you have been shown the potential of this type of income. You get 2-3 distributors, they each 2-3 distributors, and so on…till you have an entire organization of hundreds, maybe thousands of distributors. This scenario is entirely possible, and can be achieved with determination and years of hard work. The good news?  It is possible to build a life-changing income stream, without the risk of owning real estate or the need to be an insurance sales person.

The major flaw of this model,  however, is that product customers, not just distributors, must be acquired to ensure solid, recurring income over time. And many home business opportunities focus almost completely on teaching new distributors to find MORE DISTRIBUTORS…not only does this almost ensure failure, this is borderline illegal! If you are like most people, and personal selling is not your strong suit, this continual need for customers AND new distributors is a major roadblock to creating life changing income.  Getting this right is what separates part-time earners from major income.

A Solid Business Has Lots of Repeat Customers

Creating a solid base of customers is just as important for home based business owners as it is for brick and mortar businesses. The Trivita Business Opportunity, reviewed previously on this blog, is one of only three companies that offer any kind of cooperative marketing model. (#2 is ITV Ventures, no longer in business and #3 is Chews4Health, which operates a national advertising co-op) Cooperative marketing, in the case of Trivita’s business model, leverages large media buys — radio spots, tv commercials, television infomercials and internet advertising.

Affiliate members have the option to purchase customers and retain the lifetime rights to the purchases of these customers.  Affiliates can acquire as few as one, or as many as 100 customers, on a monthly basis, depending on their financial ability and business income goals.

Recommended:  Trivita Business Opportunity

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  • Steve October 6, 2009, 2:59 pm

    Excellent points! The sort of thing that is so obvious that we totally overlook it. Network marketing, at its best, is simply another kind of product distribution model. To be successful, as with any business, a network marketer must have a good product to sell and a solid base of customers using or consuming it. But because the “real money” tends to be in the override/commission on downline sales (rather than retail/wholesale product sales) we often tend to overlook the critical importance of continuing to build our customer base.

    Interesting idea about “purchasing” customers. This one thing could greatly improve the odds of new distributors “making it”.

  • Ed H. February 1, 2010, 11:05 pm

    Agree totally.  to be successful you need a steady stream of prospects.