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Attraction Marketing Strategy #2 for Renegade Network Marketers

Attraction Marketing Strategy #2 – Step into Your Customer’s Shoes

The last few years have seen a huge paradigm shift in the network marketing industry. The transition now taking place — to the Attraction Marketing model– continues to change the face of MLM.

A successful component of Attraction Marketing is learning how to be in sync with your prospects and their mindset. It is critically important to step back and allow yourself to think like a customer. To think like a business opportunity seeker. To think like a burned out, unsuccessful network marketer.

Once you dial into their thought processes, you can effectively enter what professional marketers term the ‘problem/solution space’. This is where you speak to their problems, irritations, needs and desires. Your google ads, blog postings, articles and ezine solo ads must speak in a clear voice to these prospects and offer an irresistible solution.

Simply put, you must stretch your imagination to every possible avenue to discover needs that you, your company or your product can meet. And then you must get that message out to all the right places, in specific and targeted terms. You will know when you done this correctly, even to a small extent. If you sufficiently cover just a few different channels, your target market ( prospects) will be there looking for you and they will find you. Your phone will begin to ring. Your email inbox will begin filling up with inquiries.

Nothing could be more significant to a struggling network marketer! Imagine a world where customers actually approach you, already in a buying mindset. Imagine having business opportunity seekers coming to you, asking to join your team.

That’s Attraction Marketing Strategy #2. More tomorrow…

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