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Renegade Network Marketer Tool: Social Marker

Social Marker tool

Social bookmarking can be an extremely effective way to bring traffic to your blog or web site. If you are a student of Renegade University, you may already be using this tool to bring more targeted prospects your way. If you were not aware of it already, you will want to check it out. It will save tons of time and reduce the tedious task of logging on to dozens of different social bookmarking sites.

Social Marker runs smoothly on most browsers, but the latest version of Firefox is recommended.

Years ago, social bookmarking was created as a means for storing and categorizing web page addresses, that could be accessed from an account on the internet, rather than your personal computer. Not only was this convenient when you were away from your computer, it meant that your favorite site addresses could be recovered, in the event that your hard drive crashed.

Over the years, social bookmarking has evolved into a whole new phenomenon. Bookmarking is done purposely now in order to promote certain pieces of web content and certain web sites. Incoming links to your web site or blog will increase the possibility of ranking well in the search engines for certain topics and keyword phrases.

This tool makes the task of web promotion much easier; however it must not be used to an extreme. Search engines can (and will) detect patterns that look ‘spammy’ and automated. If a tool such as this is abused, your content and your web site will actually end up getting worse rankings, rather than better rankings…the engines will penalize this behavior.

Social Marker is a useful tool for Attraction Marketing. Just remember to use it sparingly, and make an effort to make your tagging appear natural, as if someone was doing them, one by one. Oh, and make sure that you bookmark other related content, not just your own articles and web pages.

Just some of the sites that you can submit to, with your free account:

* Technorati
* Del.icio.us
* Stumbleupon.com
* Twitter.com
* Reddit.com
* Tagza.com
* Fark.com
* Newsvine.com
* Furl.net
* swik.net
* Connotea.org
* Sphinn.com

If you are a network marketer, using Social Marker, please leave your tips and comments here for others. Has it increased your lead flow? Do you use it daily, weekly?

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