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Why I Became a Renegade Network Marketer: part two

So exactly what IS a Renegade Network Marketer?

Well, Ann Sieg chose the adjective perfectly…

adj : having deserted a cause or principle” (source, www.hydroponicsearch.com)

Now, nobody is saying that we are deserting network marketing. Obviously not.
Renegade Network Marketers have decided to follow a completely different path for recruiting new members and distributors, and that path is highly concentrated on leveraging the Internet. It’s also about genuinely becoming a leader and positioning ourselves to attract up-and-coming network marketing leaders. Some people call these ‘business builders’.

Speaking of business builders, we only talk about products and the business opportunity with this type of person. We don’t talk business with potential product customers. Why? Well, it’s not effective. A product customer, nine times out of ten, actually wants the product! Throwing a product AND a business opportunity at them simultaneously is just bad form. If they want to inquire about the business at a later time, they can see that you are a distributor…you ARE supplying them with products…and they will ask. (So you attract them, rather than coerce them)

Renegade Marketers are actually marketing to, and looking FOR, people already involved in networking. This sounds almost like heresy to network marketing road warriors! But think about it. Who do you want to spend your time and energy on? Someone who already understands why you need to enroll in autoship? Or the person who doesn’t understand at all why they would want to do autoship, even though you have explained and explained? Someone who is LOOKING to be a business builder with your company, or the person who can’t decide whether or not to spend $49.95 to join? It’s like night and day. Not everyone CAN do this business or SHOULD do this business, contrary to what we’ve been told all these years. Let the tire kickers remove themselves from your marketing funnel and don’t worry about them.

For someone who has been trained (brainwashed, maybe?) to see everyone and anything with a pulse as a potential new distributor, this will not make sense at first. And this is the rub. Yes, the renegades are forging a new path, and sometimes change will ruffle some feathers. Ann Sieg certainly does not mince words about the old school network marketing tactics. After nearly twenty years of the ‘chase ’em down’ thing, she found herself burned out, tired and fed up. She had also lost a lot of friends over the years, thanks to the relentless prospecting. Thousands and thousands of networkers everywhere can relate to this, if they are honest.

We are not an arrogant crowd, but we are vocal and excited about network marketing and MLM once again! A community of renegade marketers is being trained at Renegade University, an online academy for Internet Network Marketing. (kudos to Mike Klingler for the vision to put this together) You will find us on Squidoo, article directories, Hub Pages, Facebook and Digg, as well as the front page of Google and Yahoo (if we are following the coursework correctly). We are on a mission to rehabilitate the image of network marketing and reach out to those who have previously quit the industry.

I may sound like some sort of commercial for Renegade University and Ann Sieg, but I say all of this with genuine enthusiasm and sincerity. Change is not automatically a good thing, just by default. I certainly realize that. In my opinion, though, this change actually IS a good thing.

Just to recap–

  • No more cold calling, no more chasing friends and family (unless you just really, really want to!)
  • Market only to those who are in a business builder mindset
  • Use the internet to market yourself (and your opportunity) to potentially millions and millions of people, all around the globe
  • Never attend another hotel rah-rah meeting again
  • Spend your time training serious marketers and upcoming leaders
  • Learn the valuable skills of Internet Marketing and create multiple income streams for your business
  • That’s why I am a Renegade Network Marketer.

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