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Renegade Network Marketer: Offline Lead Generation Strategies

For the sake of all you Renegade Network Marketers out there, working hard to leverage the Internet for your business, I place a great deal of emphasis here on Internet marketing techniques. A good number of leads per day, that WILL absolutely grow your business is around 30. That means 900 leads per month.

So you want to pull every rabbit out of the proverbial hat to produce this number of leads…

I was reminded recently on a conference call that we should not forget, nor forsake, offline methods. (And I’m not talking about warm market prospecting) The front pages of Google and Yahoo are getting crowded and more competitive. BUT, place small classified ads in the business opportunity sections of major newspapers and you may find that you have very little competition. Better yet, you can bid for the lowest possible prices on your print ads through your Google adwords account.

Not sure how to word your classified ads? Spend some time doing some relevant keyword searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Read the ads on the first page. Find something that you like? It’s that simple. Use it word for word, or change it slightly. Look for those ads that create curiosity with the reader, something that would compel them to actually go to the computer and type in your web site name.

It’s the age of the internet and that is good news for your network marketing business. Warm market, online, offline…many more advertising tools than ever before means a brighter network marketing future.

If you have a unique offline strategy for generating fresh, targeted mlm leads, please post a comment here and share your story.


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