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Rain Nutrition Review – A Neutral Look at The Rain Nutrition Business

by Wayne Vassell

Have you heard of the new MLM opportunity – Rain Nutrition Business? Well I didn’t until recently. So I made a decision to write this review of the MLM newbie. The great thing is I am not affiliated with the company so I can give a totally unbiased Rain Nutrition Review.

Who Are Rain Nutrition?

As I mentioned previously they are a very new company and I am talking as recent as summer of 2009. They have taken the brave step and entered into the highly competitive world of energy drinks and nutrition. This is a very challenging industry. The nutrition market place is a virtual monster.

What Services do they offer?

They have two main products. The first one is called Soul and the second one is called Rush. Soul is known as the businesses flagship product. They report that Soul is a “very powerful supplement helping improve your overall health and longevity from the inside out”. They justify this claim by stating that the supplement contains radical fighting antioxidants and essential fatty acids that the body requires daily.

Rush is their natural energy supplement. They claim it also has free radical fighting antioxidants with additional energy blend, vitamins C, B16 and B12.

How do you generate cash?

Whilst the product sounds exiting lets explain in this Rain Nutrition Review how you can generate an income in this opportunity. The Rain Nutrition Business has seven streams of income for its distributors. They also claim that a guaranteed 50% of total commissionable volume is paid out weekly. The compensation plan is a binary type system which means you essentially build a right and a left leg.

The first income stream is the direct selling of the products to customers, or better known as retailing. The second is the 1st order bonus, this is a one off reward paid when a new personally enrolled rep places their first order. Third is a first order bonus match, this is a one off bonus override when someone you enrolled makes a personal distributor enrollment.

The fourth stream is team commission. You are paid ten percent of the lesser leg (known as paid leg). The 5th stream is a share of the company wide commissionable volume. This is reserved for special ranks and is a 3% share. The 6th stream is a generation match. This is a bonus check match of distributors you enroll and who they enroll up to 7 generations deep.

Finally there is a luxury car bonus for the high ranks.

Rain Nutrition Review Round Up and Final Words

I will be honest the company sounds interesting. I do a lot of research of new and established businesses and the compensation plan is very similar to a lot of the top well known nutritional companies out there without mentioning any specific names. That is not particularly a bad thing though just an honest observation.

My only reservations in this Rain Nutrition Review is the fact that the company has only been around for a short time. Some can look at this as an added bonus but I urge you to do your full due diligence to feel assured that they will be around 5 years from now with it being such a competitive market place. They have definately made a good first impression.

Finally I would say if you get involved make sure you understand how you will market this opportunity from day one. The company and services sound great but you as an individual need to know how to market correctly to make the big money.

Rain Nutrition Review


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