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Review: Outsource Compendium from Jeff Mills

Outsource Compendium by Jeff Mills: Outsourcing Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

Sometimes my email inbox is way too full of offers and ‘junk’. Occasionally, however, I am glad for being on some marketer’s list who sends me something useful.
This is a FREE ebook, packed with resources for helping the solo entrepreneur, the network marketer, the home business owner of any kind — to regain some sanity and find some work/life balance. If you are having ‘analysis paralysis’, brought on by a huge case of Information Overload, then I suggest you get a copy of this.

I don’t know about your situation, but this really resonates with me. If you have entered the world of online Network Marketing, you have no doubt encountered a hefty learning curve. You will soon find that you must wear many hats…article writer, blogger, web site designer, newspaper advertising manager, Google adwords expert…oh, and Network Marketer! (yes, there still must be time for THAT)

Jeff Mills is a self-made Internet Millionaire and a master of systems. Successful businesses have good systems in place that leverage the time and talents of employees and contractors. It’s common, however, for most of us small business types to think that we MUST do everything. We either won’t relinquish control…that would be the control freaks among us (ouch!)…or we think we can’t relinquish control, due to the cost.
Jeff’s 70 page ebook opened my eyes to possibilities that are quite affordable.

There will be a formal Outsource Secrets Revealed course, available as of April 23, 2008. A final price tag has not yet been announced.

Go here to get a copy of the Outsource Compendium for yourself.

Get Your FREE Copy of The Outsource Compendium eBook NOW!

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