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  1. I have changed because of my experiences with MLM. I love the products that I get using MLM so I still use them. But knowing that my life is about God 1st and people 2nd and I do not know where the money comes in. In MLM your business needs to be on top, or you do not get to the top of the business. I did though read the books that they suggested. Personal growth is always a good thing. Because of my non pushy nature, my business did not grow. I had parties where no one would show up. So I decided it was a great idea to get a website. That also did not take off. I did not have the training on how to get traffic to it. I realize that now while I am learning more about the internet and how it works. I wish my organization had the proper training to take advantage of the website. I joined “my profit site”, it is great training. Check out my web page http://www.3topmoneymakingplans.net and tell me what you think.

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