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Numis Network Marketing Review

Today ‘s post is a guest review of Numis Network, plus some information about a company with similar products. Due to the continued economic slump worldwide, precious metal sales of gold and silver continue to set records.  This is why I find these companies very, very interesting right now. (Dec. 2011)

I am not a distributor of Numis. If you wish to get involved, follow the link in this article or search on Facebook or Google to find an active Numis sponsor.


Numis Review: Facts You Should Know

If you are on this page, you are probably trying to decide between two Numismatic Network Marketing Businesses. The two that I have reviewed and scrutinized are Numis Network and Preservation of Wealth. These two companies are great companies. Both with their strengths and weaknesses.

Both companies are utilizing a network marketing business model. This model has been proven to create some of the wealthiest business people in the United States as well as around the world.

The beauty of Network Marketing is the ease of entry some call it a low barrier of entry which is a fancy economic term. I call it an Easy In industry. However, this also leads to an “Easy Out industry”.

Since most people who enter network marketing only spend from $50 dollars to a couple of hundred dollars which leads many hopeful MLM’ers to never treat their business as a real business. By this I mean, when you only invest $50 bucks, sticking it out during a tough time makes it difficult for many.

Nevertheless, since you have already decided on this model and now are picking between two great companies I will give you my point of view on both.

Numis Network is a very high end company, their marketing is magnificent and they are actually geared towards high end collectors since their price point on numismatic coins is $99.00 dollars. Some argue that they are charging too much for these MS70 coins. I am of the opinion that only the market will determine this. I have seen MS70 Silver Eagle Coins sell for as little as $49.00 dollars up to $500 dollars. That being said your price point in Numis Network is still $90.00 dollars.

Preservation of Wealth also has an auto ship called option ship, similar to Numis Network, however they market the MS69. These MS69’s are arguably graded by a better grading company than the one Numis Network uses, but again this can be considered a subjective statement.

Since numismatic coins is truly a subjective undertaking, it is really up to the buyer to determine what a MS69 or for that matter an MS70 coin is worth. Preservation of Wealth charges around $50 dollars for their MS69 and in this writers opinion $50 dollars is a more affordable numismatic coin.

numis reviewPreservation of Wealth goes one step further in their position of gold and silver. Preservation of Wealth gives its member the option to purchase gold and silver at cost. What this means is if you are also collecting gold and silver personally as well as running a numismatic Network Marketing Business you will have the ability to purchase coins at a great value.

Both these companies launched around the same time. Preservation of Wealth actually launched 3 weeks earlier in the summer of 2009 than Numis.

Numis has been joined by great marketers, such as David Wood and Cedric Harris which is the reason they have received so much exposure. At last count they had over 14000 members. This is something to consider if you are worried about competition. Preservation of Wealth has been attracting a lot more high profile marketers and their business is gaining ground on Numis.

However if you are like me, you like to keep the hype to a limit. So which company is better. Well that all depends on your ultimate outcome. If you want a company where you can collect bullion coins and receive 3-4 silver dollars for what Numis sells one MS70 coin then your choice is not Numis.

The higher end MS70 is your thing then Numis may be your business partner. Unfortunately for Numis you can also get the MS70 at Preservation of Wealth.

Another difference between both of these companies is the way their compensation plan works. Numis in my opinion is complicated with coded bonuses etc. That being said there is a lot of money to make on these bonuses at least in the beginning of your membership.

Preservation of Wealth’s compensation plan is simple, too simple and may turn some people off. If you have been trying to chose between Numis and Preservation of Wealth you may have seen Ray Higdon’s great videos on Numis’ compensation plan. It is long and complicated. Ray does a great job explaining it as he is one of their top produces.

On the other hand a Preservation of Wealth marketer is lucky to make a compensation video that could last more than 2 minutes. The reason for this is that the compensation plan for Preservation of Wealth can actually be explained in 59 seconds. In my opinion simple is better.

So as for your quest in deciding between Numis or Preservation of Wealth, take a look at both websites and make a decision. The reason I say this is that no matter which company you chose you should start your new business in 2011 with one of these great companies.

KB Collins is the Author of Live Rich, Work Less and Never Have a 9 to 5 Job Again. His Blog at http://kbcollins.com has many articles on great companies and reviews. A long time coin collector and a Silver and Gold Network Marketer his insight to both companies brings new perspective from an avid consumer and business owner. Visit http://numismaticsnetwork.com to find out more so you can make an informed decision.  Read more articles on numis review.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5613298

Numis Review Video – The Testimonials


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