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Network Marketing Review — Sunrise Travel Club

Sunrise Travel Club Review

Note:  My thanks to guest writer George Spicker for today’s post about a new travel MLM opportunity, Sunrise Travel. Mr. Spicker is an affiliate member of STC, and this review reflects his opinions and experiences with the company. Always do your own due diligence.

There are many high-quality multi level marketing companies and Sunrise Travel Club is one of those. Sunrise Travel Club or STC for short has joined the global travel and tourism industry with the Internet and the home based business and has been named by many as the business opportunity of 2010. Recently it has received a huge amount of attention through Google. So what can you really believe about STC? Can it help you to achieve your financial goals? I will try to explain you my personal experience with this company from the day I joined (it was still during pre-launch) until today and let you make your own thoughts about it.

Once I joined the STC by paying my one time fee of $300 I got access to my own personal webpage offering me different ways to generate income through the internet as well as a complete back office system to control my business. There are three ways to generate income.

The first way to generate income is by selling a wide range of e-books and software and by keeping all the profit. Once I joined I was given the resell rights on e-books and software worth more than $1000. These products can be sold at a price that I choose, giving me the possibility to make more that 100% profit. The value of these products is definitely more than the money I paid for the membership. I am already on the way of making my sales webpage with the software I received in order to sell all the e-products online.

I also received full access on the company’s travel portal, which enabled me to book directly for me and my customers complete travel packages, air tickets, cruises, hotels, car rentals and other special offers all over the world. Each time I sell these products I get the appropriate commission. I am already planning to use the portal for my winter holiday in Germany! I also booked a hotel accommodation for some of my friends and got my first commission.

Furthermore STC offers a unique reward system when I propose people to join the company. It is a 2 board revolving 2×3 matrix system that gets me promoted very fast, with the help of a team. How does this system work? When you join by making a one time payment of $300, you are given a spot in the matrix below the person who introduced you to the company (your sponsor) and you’re good to go.

Unlike  other traditional direct sales companies, everyone who joins your team afterwards will go below you. It doesn’t matter if you introduced the person in or not. Even everyone that is signed up by the people above you come into the business under you.

You move up the ladder one step at a time as people come in below you. The target is to reach the top of the matrix, which is actually quite easy. All you have to do is to bring in two people under you. Many times, you don’t even have time to bring these two people in because your upline has already filled the spot for you.

Once you’ve reached the top of the matrix, you double your money back by getting a $600 bonus. You can double your money in the time span of about one or two weeks on average. From now on it gets only better, since you have already a profit of $300.

You are now promoted to the next board, the Sunrise board, and your target is to reach the top and earn a bonus of $10,000. That’s where I am at the moment, I have just reached the top and it took me about one month! But the fun does not end here.

When someone reaches the top of the Sunrise board, he “cycles out” and lands again on the first stage of the Sunrise board, having again the possibility to climb up the stages again and earn again the same bonus over and over…. I told you it was a revolving matrix system 🙂 Many people are doing this within 30-45 days. What other business out there costs $300 to get in and then gives you back $10,000 within a month or two?

In addition to the money and advancement, the reselling of e-books and software, and the commission earned through the travel portal, STC offers many other benefits to its members. One of the biggest is the free 3-4 day hotel or villa accommodation of your choice, which you receive immediately upon joining. Even if you never made a cent with the company, this would be well worth the price of admission. Where else can you get a 3-4 day hotel or villa accommodation for $300?

This turned out to be a splendid business opportunity for me. I have been for many years in network marketing, but believe me, the money I earned in the first month with STC I didn’t earn it in one year with other MLMs. The difference between STC and other companies is that STC is actually working. Since they are very new in the market, I see a huge potential for the distributors to evolve and of course earn enough money to be financially secure for the rest of their life.

Of course there is not “perfect” network marketing company, but STC has only a very few “negative” points. Perhaps the most “negative” is the cost of $300 to join, which may seem to be a bit high. But since it is a one-time fee (there are no other monthly costs as by many MLM companies) and because of the easy system, which enables you to double your initial investment in only some days, I think STC has all the potential to become the leading Travel MLM. In only a month’s time from its launch, it already shows amazing growth and the alexa stats are rising day by day.

What I also liked with STC is the team spirit between distributors. Everyone is helping each other to succeed and enjoy all the pleasures of life. This opportunity is unlike any other company out there and it introduces an amazing team concept to the business world. Everyone succeeds together and enjoys the pleasures of life. I hope that this small review has been helpful and has explained the basics behind the company.

Something about George Spicker
George Spicker is an entrepreneur with many years experience in network marketing. Recently he joined Sunrise Travel Club, the new entry in the 8 Trillion dollar travel industry. All members get a 4 Day/3 Night hotel or villa accommodation in cities worldwide (like London, New Your and Paris) and the change to earn great income. You can get more information at the company’s blog http://www.sunrisetravelclub.com/blog or contact him directly at jobsforeverybody@hotmail.com in case you would like to have more information on his business proposal.


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