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Network Marketing Review: Skype Internet Telephone

skype logoSkype is a software program that enables you to make telephone calls, to virtually anywhere in the world, over the Internet. Anyone who is in the network marketing industry relies heavily on the telephone to prospect and train new distributors. Learning how to use this telephone software tool will allow you to communicate inexpensively with your team, regardless of their geographic location. Other features include instant messaging, video conferencing and file transfer.

Is there a fee for Skype?

There is no charge, currently, to contact other Skype users over the Internet. If you wish to dial land lines or cell phones using your account, you can do this. Fees will apply, which vary by country. (Get all of the details inside your account)

You will find that it is not 100% reliable, so always have a back-up landline or cell phone option, prior to those important calls. You will need a high-speed Internet connection (broadband) to ensure the best possible quality. It’s a good idea to try it out on friends and family at first, so you can get used to the sofware interface, the sound quality and reliability issues (if any). I have found it to work quite well in the three months since I enrolled in the service. Occasionally, I have experienced some delay in the transmission, but this is infrequent.

What additional equipment is needed to use Skype?

You can purchase a decent quality headset for less than $30 (USD). Or, an external microphone works fine, if you have good computer speakers. (I have a Logitech mic and it works quite nicely) Order your choice of accessories from Skype Store USA.

Can I purchase calling plans?

Unlimited calls US/Canada are $2.95/month.

Unlimited calls to landlines in 34 different countries is $9.95/month.

Other features include call forwarding, voice mail and Caller ID.

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  • Kristen September 14, 2008, 8:38 pm

    This is great in building a global business. I’m doing it in Australia and the U.K.

    Great to have skype!!!