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Network Marketing Review: Shaklee Products in the News

“Shaklee is featured in New York Times Best Selling Author David Bach’s Go Green, Live Rich.

David Bach, author of 5 New York Times Best Sellers, features Get Clean™ in Tip #26, “Clean Green” and Shaklee’s green business model in Tip #45, “Try Green Direct Selling”.
Go Green, Live Rich shows readers a whole new way to live rich by going green.”

Source: Shaklee.com

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  • Kate Williams September 10, 2008, 3:28 pm

    Disclaimer: I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor

    Looking for products to represent that are backed by science published in peer reviewed journals and hundreds of patents (and patents pending)?

    How about the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States with over 50 years of continuous service (and never a missed or late check for the field)?

    How about an impressive history of environmental stewardship and advocacy in addition to green products?

    There’s so much more to this company, these products and this business than is represented in the review here. More for your time and money.

    Achieve health now,

    Kate Williams
    Achieve Health

  • Kathy Spratt August 4, 2009, 9:31 am

    I’m a Shaklee Independent Distributor.
    Shaklee’s environmentally-friendly cleaning products are just the best. I have a program specifically designed to build a business selling Shaklee’s environmentally-safe janitorial products to businesses who want to go green. I’ve taken the selling process from the kitchen table to the Board Room.

    The biggest asset I think Shaklee has is Roger Barnett, the man who bought the company 5+ years ago. He’s a visionary.