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Network Marketing Recruiting Tools: Generic Online Prospecting Systems

If you are brand new to online network marketing, one of your first challenges will be to get a lead capture page or prospecting system up and running, as soon as possible. Some companies offer one or more options for plug-and-play systems; but many traditional network marketing companies are still without this important tool.

I just enrolled with a new opportunity a few weeks ago, and while this company is quite forward-thinking about internet marketing, they have not created an approved online system. I have some experience using Frontpage 2003 to create personal pages, and our team leader has offered some templates; but both options can seem overwhelming and daunting to brand new marketers. I have seen many of the new team members struggle with this important first step. Sure, it’s a good idea to have a unique and ‘branded’ page of your own. However, new distributors can benefit from having something right now, while they develop their skills and their personal story. Print this list off and share it with your new distributors who desire to take their marketing online.

If you are in a similar situation, and you desire a more turn-key, business-in-a-box approach, there are some decent options available IF you have the patience to dig around a bit.

Here’s a partial list of systems and programs that are currently available. I have not used many of these, so be sure to read the satisfaction guarantees and other such policies. Some do have trial offers, most do not.

Power Prospecting System
(this is a funded proposal system)

Growth Pro

Renegade University (provides one customizable page)

The Online MLM Mastermind System
(Jonathan Budd’s lead capture page system)

MLM Brilliance

Or, hire a freelancer to create one or more pages for you. It’s less expensive than you might think…


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