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Assembled here is an ever-expanding collection of legitimate home based business ideas in network marketing, direct sales (home parties) and affiliate marketing.  I welcome your requests for reviews of new and existing companies, if you do not see something here.  (contact form here)

Network marketing no longer requires ‘chase ’em down’ tactics. With the leverage of the Internet, and the use of proper online marketing systems, you can connect with potential distributors in other cities, states and countries, with relative ease. Direct selling opportunities, such as Avon and Mary Kay, no longer have to rely on home parties and paper catalogs.  Distributors can send prospects to web-based information and sales pages that accept product orders and distributor sign-ups right on the spot.

The Internet continues to expand in influence and reach. Social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are now household names and hundreds of millions users participate in these networks.  Learn how to tap into just a tiny slice of the social networks and you will soon find ways to meet and engage with many like-minded people. It’s truly an amazing time to be a part of this industry.

I often get emails from readers who are looking for me to recommend the ‘best network marketing company’ or the ‘top direct selling companies’.

What makes a company or opportunity a good fit for YOU depends on many factors.  Certainly, you want to perform due diligence about the company and the products, before entering into a distributor role (and spending your hard earned money).  While there is clearly a lot of upside potential with new companies, there is also much more risk.  In my own observation, a majority of MLM companies do not make it past 2-3 years.  Just keep this fact in mind when selecting the company with whom you will associate (and expend great energies towards).

If you are brand new to the home based business arena, my recommendation is that you work initially with a company that is several years old, that has a proven track record of earnings.  After several years, this should also mean that training and support problems have long since disappeared. Of course, depending on certain information or circumstances, you may decide that a newer company is a good fit for you. At the end of the day, you want to go with the opportunity that connects with your inner passions, goals and skill set.

It’s also my observation that less than 5% of home based business owners will survive past the first critical year. You have probably heard this statistic previously.  Does that mean that network marketing is a bad idea?  Does it mean that you are doomed to failure? I don’t think so!

The fact is, small businesses of all types (and across all sectors) can fail within the first few years. Some statistics from the US government tell us that 7 of 10 small businesses survive past two years, and over half will not survive past five years. It’s not a problem with network marketing necessarily; it’s just a cold hard fact of business. Starting a business from scratch is hard work, it requires much dedication and it requires patience when profits do not come consistently at first.

The good news?  Success can be attained by many types of people, from many types of economic and social backgrounds. It’s not a private club, reserved for only the wealthy or connected. If you have drive, determination and are willing to take massive action, you can thrive in this industry.

Small business entrepreneurs are hard-working, dedicated and innnovative. Many have started from meager beginnings and now have created substantial personal wealth. Small business entrepreneurs in the US employ over half of the country’s private sector work force.*

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, micro businesses account for over 70% of all Australian small businesses. In a study of Micro Businesses, conducted in 2008, it was determined that 46% reported a household income in excess of $100,00/yearly. Nearly two thirds of the micro businesses were operating from a home and without support staff. (solo entrepreneurs)*

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that 2 million people run a small business from their home.* And this is just three examples of countries with millions of small and micro businesses that are thriving.

My point? It’s entirely possible to earn an excellent income from home.

And, a home based business opportunity may be started for a little as $100. If you have the drive and determination to change your financial situation, there are opportunities for you to do so. Will it be easy? No. Will it be fast money? No. The key is…it’s possible.

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There are many talented and dedicated distributors waiting to connect with someone just like you.

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Choosing a company with a solid track record, in-demand products or services and a simple-to-follow system will make your journey far less difficult. Most importantly, don’t wait.  Get started right away and IMPLEMENT.

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