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Network Marketing and Avon — Escape the J-O-B

Today I have a guest post from a friend of mine who is an Avon representative. I think what she has to say will really resonate with a lot of people who are looking for something beyond their cubicle lifestyle.    Feel free to leave your comments below…

To Job, or Not to Job (How Avon May Be Your Exit)

by Pamela Maines

avon business opportunity

Avon Business Opportunity

In this ever changing, crazy, mind-boggling economy those who are lucky enough to hold on to their jobs better continue to do so, right? I mean, so what if you have to do the work of 3 people and put in a few extra hours.

So what if you miss out on your child’s dance recital, or miss having dinner with your family 3-4 nights a week. Everybody has to sacrifice and do what they have to survive.  Is that what you think?

Does that make sense? Is this the only choice that we have? I would like to propose another possibility.

What if you could work for yourself – work hard and put in an honest day’s work, but still feel like you are free to spend time with your family, relax and enjoy a weekend that is stress-free, or even take a vacation?

What would that be worth to you? Would you pay $500? What about $1,000? Would you pay $2,000 to be able to take a deep breath of freedom and actually enjoy what you do?

About the Avon Business Opportunity

Well, this proposal gets even better. You can have all of this for an investment of only $20!  To be able to start your own business, work your schedule around your family, make whatever amount of money that you need, have insurance benefits, retirement, and take a paid vacation whenever you need it.

Sound too good to be true? It is very real, my friend.  Avon offers you the chance to start your own business for $20 and have everything you need to get started.

How Much Do You Want to Earn with Avon?

You decide how much money you want to make. You decide if you want to go into leadership and enjoy amazing bonuses and incredible trips. You can even have some great tax savings!  All for just $20 to get started.

avon business opportunityI have been an Avon representative for  2 1/2 years and have decided that I am tired of working for someone else, in addition to my Avon business.

I’m tired of someone telling me I can’t take the weekend off and relax. I’m tired of someone telling me when I can take a lunch break, or schedule time off when I need to go to the doctor. I don’t want to call in and ask for permission to stay home when I’m sick, or if my family needs me. 

I would rather work hard for myself so that I can do whatever I want.  That is true freedom to me.

I Am Looking to Mentor People – NOW

I am looking for 10-15 people to mentor in the Avon business. I will show you how to take this business and put your own spin on it to make whatever money that you need and want. You can be as creative with selling the products and promoting the leadership levels as you want to be.

Maybe you want to sell online only, or you want to do trade shows and travel around to promote the products. Maybe you enjoy talking to people and sharing the Avon opportunity with them at the grocery store, or while standing in line at Wal-Mart.

Training To Make It Happen For You

Avon will provide all of the training that you need for free.  I will be a resource to you to share an action plan to get you started.

If you are ready to start your journey towards the life that you really want,  go to http://Start.YourAvon.com and enter the passcode “pmaines.”  Avon will mail your first two campaign brochures to you (a total of 20 brochures, 10 for each of the next two campaigns), along with some training materials.

You will have access to your own website that Avon will manage for you, and you will benefit from the many commercials that Avon is producing to help you with your business.

Warning: Avon DOES Require Hard Work and Determination…

This isn’t pie in the sky. It is a genuine sales opportunity to be in business for yourself.  There is money to be made even in this tight economy. The cosmetics industry will never go out of business and there are customers out there just looking for someone to provide them with quality service and products that are second to none.

Avon is excelling – do you want to be left behind? I know I don’t!

Contact Pam at http://Start.Avon.com.  Put in the code  pmaines.

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