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Network Marketing Business Ideas in Health and Wellness Niche

According to  US government statistics (Centers for Disease Control), 37.5% of all US adults are obese, as of 2010. In 2012, the numbers continue to worsen. What does this mean for you?  If you are looking for a home based business opportunity with millions of potential customers, Weight Loss plans/programs/products fit the bill. Following are some examples of MLM companies with weight loss products as a focal point.

About Omnitrition

Omnitrition is based in Nevada and ships across North America. The company’s main product, part of their original product line, is Omni 4 Liquid Concentrate with glucosamine. Since opening, the company has expanded to cater to the weight loss market, as well as offering exercise and nutrition supplements.

Products can be bought directly from the site or via a local, commission- paid distributor.

Omnitrition Products

The company’s products have been set into subcategories. The first two are aimed at distributors (marketing materials and an inspirational book), with the third category aimed at shoppers. This category is further divided into four: complete liquid nutrition, energy and vitality, specialty products and weight management.

Learn more at www.omnitrition.com


About Enlyten

Enlyten products are a variety of nutritional supplements delivered via “rapid dissolve edible thin film” products called “strips”.

Enlyten Products

Enlyten’s product line is currently composed of dietary supplements that are delivered to the body through an edible, quick-dissolving strip. The types of supplement strips available include those for increasing energy, restoring electrolyte balance, delivering antioxidants, suppressing appetite, and burning calories.

Learn more at enlyten.com


About Vitamin Power

Vitamin Power, Incorporated was established in 1975.  It markets a range of health and wellness products through independent distributors, health professionals, retailers, and online.  Vitamin Power specializes in high quality nutritional supplements.  Distributors earn money on product markup of 100% or more, while maintaining competitive prices for the consumer.

Vitamin Power Products

Vitamin Power Inc. has an extensive product range in the following categories: vitamin and mineral supplements, energy and vitality products, men’s and women’s health supplements, nutritional hair and skin care, sports nutrition, weight management, mental performance, and herbal supplements.

The company supervises the formulation, manufacturing and packaging of its products in the United States, and complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). The only animal product used in any of their formulations is gelatin, used in the manufacture of capsules. Their products are also free of starch, yeast, wheat, artificial preservatives or coloring.

continue reading here: www.vitaminpower.com


About Greenwood

Greenwood Health Systems was founded by Stan Haley in 2000. The company makes natural health products, primarily nutritional supplements, focusing on purity and potency.  Greenwood Health Systems also features a fund-raising program, which enables distributors to earn income while benefitting their favorite charities.

Greenwood Products

Greenwood Health Systems produces nutritional supplements designed to address a variety of health issues, such as obesity, immune deficiencies and digestive problems. While not intended to treat disease, the supplements do increase energy and improve overall health, according to the company website. In addition to supplements in tablet form, the company produces Crystal Salt, a mineral supplement and salt substitute, and Herbal Klenz Tea, a relaxing and detoxifying tea.

Learn more at http://www.greenwoodhealth.com/


About Healthy Hearts Club

Healthy Hearts Club is a provider of herbal nutritional supplements in liquid form. It was founded in 2005 by Sharon Harris and Barbara Feuring, both of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The aim of the company is to provide herbal supplements that promote heart health and prostate health. The herbs used in product manufacturing are certified organic in Canada, and so are pesticide-free and grown in their natural habitat of the Pacific Northwest.

Healthy Hearts Club Products

Healthy Hearts Club offers liquid extracts, as opposed to tablets or capsules, in the belief that liquids are easiest to swallow, easiest to digest, and easiest for the body to absorb.

Learn more at http://www.hhcbusiness.com/


About Seabiotics

Describing themselves as an “intelligent energy company”, with a 25-year history, Seabiotics is committed to providing customers with quality products aimed at improving health and wellness, utilizing social networking to support their communities in the best ways possible.

Seabiotics Products

Seabiotics’ product line was developed through dedicated research, using oils and natural ingredients from the sea to create products that suit users’ individual needs.

Learn more at http://seabiotics.us/

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