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Network Marketing Book Review: Beach Money

Jordan Adler is a self-made network marketing millionaire and mentor. If you are finding yourself discouraged with your network marketing business, his new book, Beach Money, will surely provide a needed bit of encouragement.

Jordan’s book will teach you how to be a successful network marketer, once and for all.
And lest you think it’s going to take ten years or more, he shows that the process can be compressed into 3-5 years. At less than 120 pages, this is a quick read. Grab a few extra copies and give them to your downline and new distributors.

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  • Andrea Page April 30, 2008, 7:49 am

    You are right! This is an excellent book. Jordan takes you on a journey through his life and experiences…..very detailed. There are nuggets on just about every page.

    I’m thrilled that he shared his difficulties and triumphs….to help us make better decisions and grow our teams successfully.

    His dedication and commitment to success, financial freedom and remaining true to his dream is felt throughout the book.

    I’m happy to have met Jordan and can say he is a true role model for me.