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Nature’s Sunshine Review as MLM Opportunity

Nature’s Sunshine, a 36-year-old health and wellness products company, offers two membership programs. The Legacy Plan is designed with network marketers in mind; the Classic plan is intended for health professionals and retail sellers.

The plans are slightly different, but folllowing are some key membership benefits:

  • Purchase products at wholesale prices (up to 33% off retail)
  • Receive rebates of up to 30% on personal purchases
  • Qualify for up to 40% bonuses/overrides on the product purchases of sponsored members
  • The Legacy Compensation plan offers high retail margins, a 20% rebate and 40% Legacy-sponsoring commissions. Also impressive is that Legacy plan pays overrides up to six levels in depth. So there are four ways to save, as well as earn with NSP’s Legacy Compensation:

    1. Retail profits
    2. Monthly rebates on your personal sales volume
    3. Commissions and overrides from the sales of sponsored individuals
    4. Overrides on sales made by Managers in your downline

    Other perks include vacations, cruises and even a car program.

    Nature’s Sunshine has a product line that addresses all aspects of family health and a healthful household environment. In addition to herbal supplements, vitamins and weight loss products, the company also offers water purification, cleaning products, aromatherapy and healthy cookware.

    For more information, visit Nature’s Sunshine.

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