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Success Tips for MLM

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MLM Company – Fact Versus Fiction

With any MLM company, you have to learn to separate fact from fiction. There are many facts floating around online about these companies, but there is also plenty of misinformation.  You want the real story.

The fact is that there are great opportunities available to you in the MLM industry. The fiction side is that you can sit around and make money that you did not have to work to create. (You’ve seen the ridiculous ads and claims…just do this or do that…and you will have a HUGE downline in just days…blah, blah, blah)

Any MLM company is a business and has to be worked like one. Most new businesses do not get into ‘profit’ mode for many months, sometimes more than a year. And most new businesses will fail within five years.  It’s just a fact of business.

The fact is that you are going to have to put in the time and a lot of effort to make your new business a success.

Fiction says that when you aree working an MLM company, you can simply coast along and you will have more free time than you ever had before. You wonít in the beginning, but as the company grows, you will be able to work less and still enjoy a hefty income.

The fact is that you canít afford to quit the job you have now. The fiction stories swirling about these kinds of home-based businesses swear that your income is going to take off overnight.

They tell you that you can walk in and tell your boss you quit because you are going to be an overnight success. Unless the idea of living in your car appeals to you, keep your day job until the business picks up and youíre financially solvent with the MLM company.

The fact is that you need the right people in your downline. The right people will be motivated and want to work to ensure their success. The fiction version says to grab anyone breathing who will listen to you about the product and convince them to join your team. It is YOUR company. Do you really want to fill the available slots with people who might have the work ethics of a slug?

The fact is that having an MLM company in your life will not suddenly turn you into someone else. If you are typically quiet, it will not make you more outgoing. If you really don’t enjoy meeting people, you won’t suddenly start acting like a politician seeking votes. Owning your own MLM company can change your life, but it is not a quick fix to financial problems that can magically make everything better in a day.

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  • Jessica January 26, 2010, 6:03 am

    I currently own my own MLM business. I started a couple of months ago and now I need to start working it more. I need tips to be able to convince those who are skeptical about this kind of business.