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MLM Review: Liquidity International

Liquidity International Review


liquidity international reviewLiquidity International is a multi-level marketing company that manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and skin care products, all based in some form on components of the aloe vera plant.

The ‘Universal Wellness Trio’ package includes LiquiVida (a liquid antioxidant formula), MVM (Peridoxase, which oxygenates cells effectively) and Liquigenics (an energy and vitality booster).

Liquidity’s MVM has a special process patent (# 6, 482, 942), which dictates the natural extraction of MVM from the plant without the use of ethanol or heat. This process of extraction
ensures the potency of the aloe vera.

Liquidity International Review: Products Features

The company is most known for a complete line of weight loss products:

  • Liquigenics. Natural thermogenic and aids with weight management and weight loss.
  • ‘Plus’, is designed to promote lean muscle mass and provide optimum energy support
  • Thin 2 formula, containing Advantra Z.
  • Sugar Block and Starch Block
  • LQ-10, containing Co-Q-10.

The skin care line, called Age-Less, features a cleanser, toner, lifting serum and moisturizer.

Liquidity’s compensation plan combines a binary system with a residual feature.

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