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Multilevel Marketing…It’s Come a Long Way, Baby!

Not Your Mother’s MLM
by Laci Blanton

Who isn’t familiar with the Network Marketing Business Model? Most people knew at least one or two Avon reps in their hometown while they were growing up, or their mom was the Tupperware lady. I tried on my very first makeup at at Mary Kay party. Today, my office is full of Pampered Chef and Home and Garden Party catalogs.

I flip through those catalogs as I’m heating up my lunch in the breakroom, and I wonder, “How is this MLM thing working out for these people?” Are they loving their jobs and bringing in a large income, or are they discouraged by the amount of “no’s” they receive?

In the past, the only type of person who could succeed at MLM was pushy, outspoken and driven, almost to the point of running over people. Often, over the years, I’ve considered joining an mlm company. Spelled out in a presentation, it seems like such an easy way to earn money. But there was always that hesistation that eventually led to my declining the opportunity, and it was based solely on negative feelings I’ve had against network marketers in the past.

It’s a shame that the true virtues of MLM are hidden under the stigmas of traditional marketing tactics. Who doesn’t want to work from home? Who doesn’t want to supplement his or her income without having to deal with a schedule and wages someone else decided on? Who doesn’t want to be a part of a company they really believe in? Yet many don’t, because of previous bad experiences with mlm.

MLM can be a wonderful source of residual income, if it is gone about from the right angle. It doesn’t have to take a pushy, stereotypical salesperson anymore, either. Advances in technology have opened up new ways to market business opportunities and products that are unrecognizable from past tactics.

Using the Internet, network marketers can now attract prospects to them, by offering a real value in informative web content before ever trying to sell anything to anyone. There is a whole big world out there that can be reached using the web, a big world that can provide you with residual income.

That makes the idea of prospecting in your cul-de-sac neighborhood seem asinine, doesn’t it? That’s because your neighborhood, your local grocery store, your office, or even your whole town, are ultimately limited markets. You may make income, but it won’t be residual income. Your home business will eventually reach a plateau.

With Internet marketing, you’re working with a global field. Your stream of prospects and your earnings are limitless. With this new form of network marketing, distributors do not have to waste their time and energy chasing down prospects that may or may not be interested. The Internet is geared toward seekers. Therefore, those who find your home business on the web will do so because they have sought it out themselves.

That means your work is almost done by the time the interaction even begins! You have become a sought-after commodity. The choice is now truly yours who you want to work with and how much money you want to make. Once established, this state of being sought-after multiplies itself exponentially. Everyone wants to be friends with the popular kid! Everyone wants to buy name brand! It’s written into the Law of Attraction.

Additionally, modern network marketers are able to make money while they establish their businesses by selling advertising space on their website or by linking with a separate company to promote their products for commission. You need not pay for advertising in the beginning, because there are numerous avenues for free advertising, such as YouTube and Ezine Articles. The business pays for itself, and the consultants are not desperate or discouraged.

That’s a long way from the indignity associated with Direct Sales in our mothers’ day. Network marketers today have established themselves as valuable commodities, experts in their respective fields, and they have utilitized the Internet to build profititable businesses and substantial income! Push aside the preconceived notions and take a second look at network marketing.


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