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MLM Leads: How to create Local MLM Leads

Looking to prospect for new distributors in your local city or metro area? There are several ways that the Internet can help to generate local mlm leads for your business.

Google pay-per-click campaigns can be restricted to only show in specific cities or metro areas. Microsoft Ad Center allows you to do the same, and adds another interesting bit of information in the keyword research function. You can drill down into your keyword list and see the most popular cities/areas for your search term(s). This is seriously fascinating stuff! Try it for yourself, if you have an account. Just go into to the Research tools, enter ‘network marketing business opportunity’ or ‘home based business opportunity’ in the keyword box, select specific variations of the keywords and choose ‘view profile’ in the keyword collection box. As of today, for example, Atlanta and Denver were the top hot spots for ‘network marketing business opportunity.’

Yahoo Search has a geo-targeting function, but I haven’t found it to be quite as easy to use.

Speaking of Yahoo, you can get free basic local business listings by visiting www.local.yahoo.com. Do the same type of free ad on Google, inside the Google Maps application. Go to Google and enter ‘local business center’ to find this information.

Don’t forget the power of Craigslist.org. While business opportunity ads are not explicity welcomed, a quick glance through your local craigslist ads and you’ll see plenty of creative and enterprising people, marketing themselves, products and businesses.

If you are brave enough to jump in front of a video camera or web cam, it is fairly easy to target your city name and end up on the front page of Google for something like ‘Chicago Home Based Business Opportunities’ or ‘Atlanta Network Marketing Opportunities’. Of course, this assumes that you have chosen your keywords properly and uploaded everything properly. There is plenty of good, free information about effective video marketing out on the search engines. Or you might try going to Squidoo.com and searching for helpful tips there.

A tried and true method to drum up local leads is to place small classified ads in your area newspapers. Many papers have a ‘business opportunity’ section and will welcome your ad, as long as you keep the ‘hype’ to a minimum. If you have a Google adsense account, you can bid on newspaper ads from inside your account. Not all papers and areas are represented, but you just might find something in or near your area, and snag a great deal on the price.

And finally, you might have your web site printed on the rear window of your vehicle. If it’s a catchy domain name, easy to spell and easy to remember, you may generate dozens of local mlm leads every week, while you are driving to the grocery store or taking the kids to school.

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