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MLM Leads: A Review of The SpiderWeb Marketing System

Webmaster’s note: I have been running into a lot of ads and articles about the Spider Web Marketing system. I have not personally joined or used it yet. My system of choice presently is Renegade University; however, since there is no cost to this program up front, it certainly deserves a look.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System EXPOSED!

by Benjamin Kee

Anyone who has ever bought into the dream of network/multi-level marketing or mlm knows that its not perfect, myself included. I became involved with it because I loved the idea of flexibility. I was excited by the comfort of working from home. I wanted to supplement my primary income, I desperately needed to do something other than my previous job. I had a desire to be my own boss. I was interested in entrepreneurship. I have a knack for networking. I loved the product. Many who tout it will promise that its a more efficient way to make money, that its easy to find success through friends and family, and that it can be done in a couple hours after your day job. But anyone who has poured countless hours and thousands of dollars chasing the MLM dream knows that its not as simple as up-lines, down-lines, leads and growing bank accounts.

It was a rude awakening, as I jumped in only to find that success didn’t come as easily as I had been told. I wanted to work hard and was willing to, but the fact of the matter was I had not had enough training. My Sponsor was new too and couldn’t train me. Company training was too expensive. My Sponsor recruited me and then left me hanging to be honest. I didn’t know enough people. I didn’t know enough about the business to train anyone. I was not good at training at the time. I couldn’t keep my recruits excited. My recruits kept quitting. My Friends and Family were not interested. I didn’t know how to “sell.” I didn’t want to “sell.” I was not good on the phone. I couldn’t stand cold calling. I didn’t have any leads or know a good source… needless to say, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped.

As I experienced, there are some serious drawbacks to MLM. If there weren’t, every product sold would be through networks, and every distributor involved would be very rich. Not the case.

Here’s why:

Shockingly, 99% of all MLM distributors lose money. The further down the line you go, the fewer leads there are available. It becomes a principle of scarcity. Too many predators, not enough prey. Basically, it becomes too difficult to search and track down more people to become involved, either as buyers or down-line distributors.

Family and friends are not a reliable base for MLM success. No one wants to be hounded by their distant brother-in-law or old high school teammate to join up in the next big money making scheme or buy whatever wonderful irreplaceable product you happen to be pushing at the moment. Yes, your mother loves you, but she’s not going to make you rich.

Successful MLM also takes a lot of time, skill-set development and a lot of learned talent. For being the part-time, work-from-home, independent money-maker it is portrayed to be, any successful distributor must actually spend far more time to make the business viable. Industry “experts” will tell you that every second of the day is a potential time for marketing. No regular hours. No limits. Always ready with a pitch.

MLM is not your standard make-money-on-the-side job. For many, it becomes a lifestyle. Some have tried to incorporate spiritual principles. MLM “pep rallies,” training seminars, workshops and retreats are the industry norm. Network Marketing has its own distinct culture, and financial growth is impossible without becoming part of that culture.

These four drawbacks become serious obstacles on the path to MLM financial success. Most Network Marketing Systems fail for some combination of these dilemmas, and until now, there hasn’t been any system that would allow distributors to bypass these hurdles.

However, a The SpiderWeb Marketing System allows business owners to overcome these obstacles easily and effectively. It is a network marketing system designed to create an efficient process for MLM financial success. Greater efficiency means less work, and more money. Remember… we all got in the business to start “working smarter – not harder” – RIGHT?

Well, The SpiderWeb Marketing System is based on principles that avoid the pitfalls of traditional multi-level marketing, where other systems fail.

Most ventures in MLM lose financially because clients, leads and customers can’t be found. Eventually, the well dries up. SpiderWeb Marketing uses a highly developed Internet advertising strategy to actually bring leads to you. Instead of desperately trying to hunt down leads, the leads hunt you. Through SpiderWeb Marketing, clients are only contacted by interested leads. The frustrating search ends, and the money finds you. You have now BECOME THE HUNTED INSTEAD OF THE HUNTER!

The appeal of this system is that leads come to you. There is no more ruining important relationships by constantly nagging people to enroll in your business. With The SpiderWeb Marketing System, you will never need to hit up friends and family, because, again, only the genuinely interested leads come to you..better still, THIS is your TARGET MARKET.

The best part is, this system is 100% FREE! http://TheSpiderWebSystem.com/HomeBizLeads

One of the greatest assets of this system is that it does the work for you. It works while you sleep, so you don’t have to. The difference between it and other systems is that it will actually save your time while developing your business with no extra effort.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is simple. No rallies, no spiritual-sales-enlightenments, no hand-waving testimonials. A simple phone call is all it takes, and then the money comes in. It is as simple as that. It makes money for you.

Since taking full advantage of The SpiderWeb Marketing System, my experience with it has been great and I am confident that I will continue to be successful because of the extreme for-sight Kimball has had on certain changing trends throughout the industry. It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense. Kimball and his corporate staff have been very helpful. I am excited to continue generating solid leads. I researched this system and many others thoroughly and know this is one of the best system out there for generating free leads for any business.

There is no comparable system. Standard Multi-Level Marketing is hindered by several major barriers that keep you from becoming more prosperous. The SpiderWeb Marketing System ensures success by breaking those barriers in a way that nothing else can.

For more information visit: http://TheSpiderWebSystem.com/HomeBizLeads

About the Author

Benjamin Kee is a professional network marketer in Greenville, SC. After having struggled in the MLM industry for over 3 years, he discovered the strategies and tactics used by the pro’s & went from simple collage dropout working at Home Depot to network marketing top producer by age 26. Ben can be contacted at: http://Contact.BenjaminKee.com or through his newsletter sign-up page at: http://ProspectLikeAPro.com

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